I woke up yesterday morning to find blood on the rug and by 11 am I had to say goodbye to my greyhound molly. I am over whelmed with guilt they offered an operation but told me she probably wouldn't make it her bladder was blocked she had blood pouring out of her she was in a total state and all in a matter of hours. I don't think I've stopped crying since yesterday morning. I feel aniouxs and lost and desperate I know I won't see her again but life just doesn't and won't ever be the same she was only 8 and I thought I had her for a few more years yet. Did I miss this tumour? How could I have not noticed if she was growing this thing? She was fine yesterday running around eating drinking her usual happy self not a whimper. I feel as though my heart is breaking I have another greyhound whom she saved his life he wouldn't cope without her now he is alone and I can bearly face him at the moment as the memories of anything "dog like " are to much let alone think about a new companion for him.
I miss her so much and her happy ways I hope she forgives me for not seeing this sooner I should have seen it
My heart is truly broken she was my world
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I lost my beloved Fonzie to bladder cancer. He was a great dog, never had accidents in the house. A year ago, right after we moved into our new home, he started having accidents in the house. Everyone thought it was behavioral. I disagreed but no one believed me. His bloodwork came back normal. Nothing seemed wrong.
Finally, I insisted something was wrong in late August. They found a large, necrotic tumor on his bladder.
I learned that this type of cancer is Terminal. The vet gave him 1-2 years. We figured he had already had it a year, so it would be 6 months or so.
We had vowed to make it the best six months ever. We went out and bought all kinds of supplies for cleaning up constant accidents.

There is one medicine to treat this cancer, but it only slows it down.
Unfortunately, my guy had a reaction to the med and died in my arms from an internal bleed three weeks after his diagnosis.

He had slowed down a bit, but otherwise acted normal. He was also 8 years young.

Even though we knew what was wrong, I can't tell you how much I blame myself for what happened. I should have known he was bleeding out from the medicine. I should have done...oh about a hundred things different in those weeks. I am truly devastated. I understand your grief on many levels. Seeing the blood. The guilt. The self blame. Having a surviving dog that you can hardly look at because of the guilt and the worry.

I am lost without my Fonzie. I have two young children and one more coming in the next couple weeks. Yet, I am grief stricken and can think of little else except how much I miss him and how horribly he died.
You are in the right place. We all feel the loss of our pets very deeply.

I wish I had other comfort to offer you. We just have our stories and our support.
I will love and miss you forever, My Fonzie Bear...
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Now looking back there were signs like increased peeing etc but she always was a "wet" dog so in never put two and two. Sadly yes I was told if it's bladder cancer it's pretty much over so I did not opt for the complicated op I couldn't put her through it when there was little chance she would make it but then suddenly the pangs of guilt are there. Everywhere I look I'm reminded of her. We've slept downstairs with barney tonight as he will soon realise he is alone and then the fun starts. She was his comfort as she was mine. The vision of her dieing just won't leave me at the moment :(
I'm so sorry for your loss it's the price we pay for loving them and them loving us it is going to take a long time to get over her
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I think all of us feel responsible for our pets loses, even though none of us caused their illnesses or deaths, it's a natural way of reacting.  Cancer is just that, it's not something we can fight with as the battle will be lost.  Our babies have no way of verbalizing what is wrong with them and they hide their pain so well.  Please don't blame yourself for the loss.  I lost my baby LM on 10/1 and he had been ill since Feb on and off, I took him to dozens of vets, tests were always normal and he was on a number of medications.  His illness will always be a mystery although brain tumor was highly suspected.  We euthanized him on Wed, he had already left us at that point, he wasn't eating, walking, standing, no bowel movement, he was just a shell, his eyes which used to be full of emotion were empty.  I spent weeks blaming myself for not knowing, weeks of beating myself up, weeks of be so angry at the vets and everyone out there who told me maybe this maybe that, but no definite answers.  Things will get better, they have to.  Please cherish your babies memories and try to remember her good happy days.

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