Does anyone remember me posting about losing my 3 female cats last year? All around 14-15 yo, died a couple months apart. I think it was Feb, April and June. Gracie, Mimi and Magda.
I was posting as Mimismom. And this year I lost Mizi on 2/1. He was almost 16.
I posted about him.
Now my account is gone. I don't know what happened. They have no record of me. I just created a new acct as Magdasmom.
I have done the Monday candlelight ceremony several times so I know this was the site I signed up on before.
I see there is someone else on the list as Mimismom who signed up in 2013. I don't know how I signed up in 2015 as Mimismom if someone was already using that name.
I'm upset I can't see my posts and the responses I got. I wish I had printed them out.
Does anyone remember me posting about my cats?
I also responded to others on their posts about their losses.
I wish they could restore my account.
It's been hard losing them all. I had them since kittens.
Magda, Gracie, Mimi and Mizi's mom
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I am so sorry for your loss of those past posts, I can only know how painful that is.  It's almost like maybe losing your loved ones all over again especially this recent loss.   Loss is always hard because we have LOVED!  The only way to get through the grief is to walk through it like the rainbow bridge and get through it to the other side.   Time is truly a HEALER and then a thought came that God is the keeper of time so therefore, God is the true HEALER.   Also, we need such COMFORT during these times, so that's when I had to get a book on pets going to Heaven and found one!!  It was so exceptional, the lifeboat when I lost my most precious 3 months ago.   What helps is  **TRUTH** during the loss that our pets are truly alive in heaven!  And they are, so all 3 of yours are running around and doing the things they loved on earth!!  Souls are just housed in a body on this side of heaven and now our pets have a NEW BODY with not only the same soul but now perfect forever!!  They know the posts that were posted!  God Bless You, Vicki 
Vicki Mattingly 
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Thank you, Vicki.
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