Hi everybody.  I have never posted before.  I am a life-long animal lover and have always had a home filled with pets.  I had 3 cats and 1 dog until November 28th.  On that day, I lost my 15 year-old male cat to cancer.  It was devastating.  I had him since he was a baby.  He was a rescue that the shelter called "Pistol Pete" because he was so wild.  You couldn't touch him.  Through the years he became a sweet, affectionate, loving companion.  The day after I put him down, my 16-year-old female cat seemed very lethargic.  She would not eat, her breathing was difficult, she would sit upright and just hang her head down or stare.  Although I could not tell if she was sick or if it was grief over the loss of her companion of 15 years, I took her right to the vet.  An ultrasound revealed that it was her heart.  On Dec. 5th I put her down- she was in heart failure.  She passed exactly one week after I lost Pete.  Ahhh, I feel lost.  As these 2 cats aged, I spent more and more of my time caring for them and keeping them healthy.  They were a huge part of my life and my days.  I am trying to deal with this as best I can, but I am heartsick over the way my dog is grieving.  She is searching for them, sniffing everything, licking blankets, moping and whimpering.  She just wants to sleep.  These 2 cats were 7 and 8 years old when we adopted our dog as a puppy.  My female cat took on the role of her mother (at the puppy's insistence).  They were inseparable.  Mama kitty and I walked our dog together almost every day for the last 8 years.  We got quite a few chuckles from our neighbors.  Right before I put my male cat down, my daughter who is in college found a kitten wandering the campus.  She took it in and put up signs and posted on websites trying to find the owner.  No one came forward and she still has the kitten.  She already has a cat and cannot afford to keep the kitten - she wants me to adopt him.  As I said, I am an animal lover and would love to adopt the kitten.  I could use the lift of a sweet, silly, playful kitten.  Of course, I will take him to the vet immediately for a triple-test,  and vaccinations and have him neutered when he is a bit older.  My concern is how my dog will react.  Do you think it will help her (distract her and keep her busy) so that the grieving process is not as difficult for her?  The last thing I want to do is make things worse for  her.  She is just so sad right now and it is breaking my heart --I think a kitten may help.  I know I have not mentioned my other feline friend.  He is just fine.  There is no change to his behavior and eating habits so I don't think he is grieving the way my dog is (if at all).  He is about 3 years' old - I rescued him over a year ago and although this cat is very affectionate towards my dog (and me), the dog does not really like this cat.  She just tolerates him.   I think my dog views him as an intruder.  He on the other hand loves everybody and will have no problem accepting a kitten.  (I just think he is over the moon to now have a family to love and not be a stray.  He was in rough shape when he showed up at my door).  Maybe they need more time together.  Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions about adopting the kitten and helping my dog with the grieving process.  I do have one question - since my cats passed, I have not once said their names aloud in front of my dog.  I am afraid that if I do she will get excited, only to be disappointed when they don't appear.  Am I doing the right thing?  Thanks.
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I am so sorry for your loss of both cats so soon apart, that is so difficult to go through. You sound like a wonderful soul, caring and adopting the furry friends, God bless you. I had 2 dogs and 2 cats, we all went for walks in the park across the street, the neighbors would just stare, I'm sure it was an odd looking site to see two dogs on a leash and two cats following behind. They all had a wonderful relationship for years. I lost one cat and both dogs since November of last year, it's been tough. I know it can vary from one pet to another as to how much they miss the one that is gone. Some do go through a grieving process, some really seem not to. I think, after reading your story, that if you are up to getting the little kitten, it might help your dog. I"m not the best one for advice, I just have a feeling that the dog might nurture the little kitten. My gut says yes, adopt the kitten, and pray that the relationship between them will be wonderful. I hope someone else here with more experience of what you are going through with the dog can help. Blessings to you and prayers.
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So sorry for your loss I cannot imagine loosing two so close together. Loosing my precious Matski has been the hardest thing I have ever been through. If you have anything that might have your female cats scent on it rub it on the kitten before you introduce him to your dog. Also I think you are doing the right thing by not mentioning their names around your dog.  
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Dear Little Belle

So so sorry to read that you
have lost your beloved Cats
and that your Dog is also
missing them so so much

Thankful that we  have this
forum to share our grievious
losses with one another.


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I am deeply so sorry for your loss of your 2 baby's that must be so hard x I lost my baby boy gizmo over 4 months ago and I have one dog left I too was thinking of adoptting a kitten as if it was a cat my girl candy would chase it x I think it would be a god thing if your other baby's will be ok x like you too am a animal lover x you made me laugh when you said the dog views your other cat like an intruder and your cat loves every body theyr like chalk & cheese like my baby's where x good luck & let us know how you get on sending love and hugs annemaire x
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