I posted back in January this year, the loss of my outdoor kitty Susy whom was hit by a car.

A second cat started to come more often to feed and soon started to make her home in my yard and I could see that she was pregnant.   She gave birth away from my home but after a month or two she brought the three kittens to my yard and made it their new home.

So the kittens are big now (about 3 months old) and I decided to get everyone fixed: mom, dad and 3 kittens.   I had help with a volunteer and she did the trapping but we couldn't get the male so everyone else was taken to the shelter for TNR /fixing.  On Saturday being returned I was given bad news that the mom didnt make it.   She apparently was pregnant and may have had some health issues after the surgery.  The kittens are all females and are doing great so I will now raise them.

I feel horrible and guilty about the mom cat.  I know it was necessary but it feels so aweful that she didnt make it and returned to her family.

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Loss of a beloved pet is not easy just remember to let it all out grieving helps.  
Brandon Tyrel Stallard
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Greetings Happygordy,

I am so sorry for your and the kittens and Dad-Cat's loss. It is admirable that you adopted an entire family of kittens with the 3 sisters!

Your goal to fix all of them was a kind and compassionate gesture. There is no way you could have known that there might be complications from the surgery, but it does happen. I just put down my beloved cat and best friend in the World "Marmalade." He also experienced complications from a surgery and was maimed. Vets are not fool-proof. This has been my experience. Even when you research them on-line, many have both good and bad reviews. It is highly confusing.

I hope the kittens grow big & strong. It must be comforting for them (and their Father) to know that they have been adopted by someone as kind & compassionate such as yourself. So in the end...Mom Cat did her job by bringing her kittens to YOU!
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