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Oh, preciousprada, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel. The grief is devastating. Your precious love got to pass in her Momma's arms knowing how much you love her and cherish all the wonderful memories she has given you. She will forever be your baby. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to grieve. I've been feeling a lot of guilt thinking that I could have done more, knowing logically that I did everything I could. I think that may happen with chronic illnesses like congestive heart failure. As Rachel beautifully put it the other day, you will always have a Prada shaped hole in your heart but the grief will ease with time.

Rachel, thank you for your kind words. I'm on vacation this week and I spent the last 3 days in bed, sleeping and crying and just feeling sad. I haven't even gotten on the Internet. I think I just couldn't take t anymore so I had a little breakdown once my body and mind realized I actually had the time to do it. I actually asked my husband the other night where Riley was thinking she was outside peeing or something. That got a little ugly. My husband has been wonderful and so supportive. I'm so blessed to have him. Our Sasha boy is doing ok. I can tell when it's just him and I that he's calmer and a bit more of a snuggler than usual. He's been jumping up into the bed a lot to lay with me and get pets (Sasha weighs 85 lbs so he has always spent in a big dog bed at the foot of the bed and was never interested in sleeping in bed with us as that was Riley's domain). I think for the most part he's doing ok. He doesn't seem to bark as much as he used to, a little less protective of the house now that Riley isn't here. I've had a really hard time with all the holiday festivities. I went up to my parents' house for the weekend to do Xmas with my brother and his wife and kiddo since they'll be with her family on Christmas. I was disappointed in my family. They weren't very supportive or comforting about it. I was very surprised since we've always been a dog family. Maybe it's just hard for them to take of me since that's usually my role but I really needed them and they just kind of ignored me, my grief, and Riley's death. I'm not sure how I could possibly get through this without you, my husband, and all the lovely supportive ppl on this forum. How are you doing? Are you happy to have Cuddles home? How is our MoeMoe doing? I know I haven't been on posting but my thoughts have been with you, my sweet Rachel. I'm hoping today is less awful for you than yesterday.
Evelyn (Riley's momma)
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Hi Sweet Evelyn!

So much has happened these last few weeks!  The universe dropped an angel in my lap yesterday, at 11pm!  I had just been looking on Pet Finder, saw this guy, and I had to write to the rescue lady who posted him.  He is about a year old, and had been dumped outside TWICE, and he's another Maine Coon, just like my Moe!  All he wants to do is purr and kiss, and in the last 24 hours, he has made my heart happy again, even while I still miss my sweet Cuddie Buddy.  In a way, I know she is here because i asked her to send exactly this guy.

I SO hope you'll consider getting another chihuahua.  There are so many rescues available that you could give all of your love to and then some, and they would still need more, and have more to give in return.

Email me privately--you can get my email from here, and stay in touch.  I am happy to be there for you and to continue helping you through this as you get to a better place as well.

PLEASE allow yourself to find your smile again


Rachel (Cuddles's mommy)
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