We laid our sweet dog Duke to rest today. Although I know it was the best decision I can't stop crying. I miss him so. Anyone have any words on how to cope?
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Hi mrspeeches,

I'm so terribly sorry for the heartache of losing your sweet Duke.  What a beautiful, smiley dog he is! 

The loss is huge, the emptiness unbearable at times.  Everyone here understands and has been so supportive.  Our stories are different, but we share a commonality that has brought us together.  Keep talking to us if you're up to it.  I'd love to see more pictures and hear stories of your fur baby Duke. 

I wish you peace and love,

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There are no words to help cope with the loss. Only time will ease the pain. I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't wish to sound negative, but that is how it is. Well, I believe that there is one way to help, and that is to be able to talk to someone about Duke. Not holding the pain in does help.
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