My sweet Shelby came down with a reoccuring illness this past Wednesday evening.

Due to her advanced age (16 years old) and declining condition, I had decided not to hospitalize her again because even if she recovered this time, she would just get sick again in the near future.

Long story short, the vet treatments done Wednesday night could not heal her and I had to make the decision to have her put to sleep.

We took her in Thursday night.  We spent some time with her.  She was so sick she barely could lift her head.  It was awful, but it confirmed my decision was the right thing to do.

The vet tech came in a made sure we were ready.  She carefully picked up my Shelby and gently carried her out of the room.
The last thing I remember is the confused look on Shelby's face.
My heart was breaking.

I am now devistated.  
She had been in my life for 14+ years.  She was the sweetest cat.  
I have been single again for 5 years and she was always there for me.
Every day she would come to me and want to snuggle and show me love.

Now she's gone and I feel all alone.  
There are two other cats in my house, but they don't show affection like she did.
Shelby was special and we had a special bond.

I couldn't stop crying the first couple days.
Still incredibly sad and also feel a huge void.
I miss her so much.    :(

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I am sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet Shelby. The void that you are feeling is excruciatingly painful. I know the feeling.

I recently watched two of my kitties decline within a four month time span. I have one left, and I love her like crazy. But she is nowhere near as affectionate and by my side as the other two. That's okay, that is just her. But I say this to let you know that I relate to the feeling you are going through. Sometimes I feel guilty about this, but I am showering her with all the love I have left, but doing it on her terms.

Take care during this very difficult time. It's the hardest thing to do, letting go of a pet. But Shelby is out of her misery now and over the Bridge hoping that your tears will soon be replaced all of the wonderful memories that you had together.

RIP Shelby :(
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EG Ryan,

I send you my very deepest condolences at this sad time for you, on your loss of Shelby. 

I do understand your extremely close relationship with her.  And I also do understand what you went through in deciding to help end her pain, by euthanizing her.

I do have recent experience with both of these realities, and the emotions, sadness, and pain that come with the combination of them.

Since April I lost 2 extremely beloved dogs since April 2017, and compassionate euthanasia was necessary. I also lost a very beloved cat shortly before them. All of them were very close to me and very, very loved by me.  I am retired, with lots of time on my hands, to spend it with my pets, to spoil them, make their lives happy and content.

But I also understood, when their health was declining, just failing really, that I needed to help them suffer much less. And compassionate euthanasia was my only real choice to help all of them any further.  Medical care would have made sense, if they had a temporary condition, that medical care could cure and then they could then move on to many more years of a wonderful life. But this was not the reality. Extreme medical care would only put off, temporarily, what I feared the most. 

My 3 beloved pet "children" I describe above, lived to be 16 years old, 11 years old, and 10 years old. They ALL had very wonderful and LOVING lives with me and my wife. They were all LOVED deeply and fussed over. They were all SPECIAL and these 3 pet "childen" always knew this ... they knew they were VERY LOVED and had a wonderful home/family.

Your loss is so recent. I understand much or most of what you are feeling right now, but I don't pretend to understand all that you must feel, as some of course is unique to you and to your special pet. 

But more than anything, I would urge you to concentrate now on the wonderful love you gave and shared with your pet. I am sure it was extraordinary for you both!  And fully realize you set Shelby free, by ending her pain, and this was most loving thing you could possibly do for her when you did.

Tasha's Dad   and    Jessie's Dad   and   (I should add) Mindy's Dad

p.s.   post script: 

-  Tasha I have shared so very much about here on this forum and my grieving since April, as Tasha was my extremely special "child" for 10 plus years. She changed my life in so many indescribable ways. 

-  I also shared some about my more recent loss of Jessie too. It was on December 15 when I lost her too.  

-   But I did not share about Mindy here at the RB forum until today, I have been so busy with Tasha mainly.
    Mindy, I will also love you to the end of time ... the same as Tasha and Jessie. We were all so very close, and we all lived together for many years, as a very very special loving family. The times were magical for me, Mindy, Tasha, and Jessie!
    The 3 of you, and also Pumpkin the world's most affectionate cat who is still very much alive and still thriving at age 17 or 18, absolutely just completed me as a soul, or a spirit, or a human, for the 1st and only time in my life as a "father". 
    God Bless all of you!!!  Thank you for making my life extremely special and meaningful. Because all of you were extremely special and meaningful.

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