Yesterday 3/6/2015 I said goodbye to my beloved companion Sherlock. A lab/vizsla mix that I had from 8 weeks old, he was 30 days short of his 11th birthday. I'm heartbroken over his loss. He has been my constant companion for the last 2+ years since I do pet sitting, joining me everyday on my route. I know time will heal but I'm miss have him to talk to. All I want to do is cry.
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I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had a close, loving relationship with Sherlock. I had a Lab/pointer mix. She was chocolate in color and a sleek beauty. I would imagine that your beloved may have been similar in looks to her. I would be out on long walks with her daily as well. Today marks 3 months that I had to let her go. She had an aggressive form of bone cancer. Even though the raw pain of those first few days  has subsided I am still missing her terribly. Take your time grieving for Sherlock. He was obviously a big part of your life......................Sincerely, Andrea 
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So sorry, Paws48. It is so devastating to lose our companions. I lost my Cali this past Wednesday and the tears just don't stop. I hope the days get easier one day soon. You are in my thoughts.
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So sorry for your loss :-(

Go ahead and cry....ugg! I know it's hard. We took on this love, this responsibility knowing (yet ignoring it'll be short at the same time) and here it is, in all it's grief.

But, your baby wouldn't want you to feel so sad, they'd try to comfort you when you were sad right? It's ok, feel your feelings. Everyone who's lost their fur baby needs a hug and love {{{hugs}}}

Make sure your human family understands and gives you plenty of hugs!

I feel for you (extra hug) {{{hug}}}

A huge energy, starburst, super nova has passed from this earth. 

My sweet girl, Kayla (Kookie / Kookie Bonana) 1999 - 2014

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