I was going on with my regular day and needed to take my dog, Hallie,out. I was on the porch in the front and watched my dog. Hallie spotted another dog across the street and decided she wanted to play in a busy street. She ran for the other dog and was hit. The car did not stop or slow down. She died within seconds in my hands. This is day 1 without her and my heart aches like crazy
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      I can only imagine such a scene and tragic ending to the life of your companion, Hallie. I am sorry for your loss and it pains me to think that the driver cared so little. Please know that you are in a warm, supportive place here where people understand how you feel. You must be going through so many emotions right now. Every one grieves in their own way yet our losses create a common thread for which to relate.
        I sincerely hope you find comfort and healing in the days ahead. Be gentle with yourself and know that Hallie is in a safe place at the Bridge now, free of pain. Again, I am sorry for your loss..........Sincerely, Andrea
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I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic, sudden loss. I always think it's worse for us when it's so sudden. There's no time to prepare yourself for the grief. When I had my cat put to sleep last July, I knew he was old and sick, and although I was incredibly sad, I knew, as a responsible owner, it was the best thing for him. But, 4 weeks ago, my precious beagle, Louie, got poisoned from rotting food. He died a horrible death and the pain and guilt is unbearable.

I can't give you much in the way of comfort, as I am feeling so numb myself, but I do understand how you feel and my sympathy is with you. As the days go on I think I will never heal, but I know it will get better and so will you.

Take comfort that Hallie didn't suffer too long and she died in your arms as she would have wanted. You were there for her at the end and yours was the last face she saw - her loving owner. .

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. X
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hello, sending you (((hugs))) so sorry for the tragic, sudden loss of your Hallie.........and that the driver of the car didn't even stop or slow down. I am glad that Hallie was wrapped in your arms, as Sallyhunt said :"yours was the last face she saw"..

Hallie is now free from pain, on her new journey at the Rainbow Bridge, still your guardian angel, until you meet again....


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