I just found out my dad had ny childhood dog put down. While she was old and sick, it kills me. I lost my mom to cancer last year and this dog was her shadow. I no longer live at home, but hate that I couldn't be there to rescue her and that she didn't die naturally. We didn't have an official diagnosis so maybe she would have been okay. This is among the worst losses I've ever felt, and to some degree makes me feel like a child again. I felt like maybe there's people here that would understand.

Lacey was a purebred cocker spaniel. We rescued her from the SPCA a shaking, sad eyed little thing. She was most certainly abused by her former owners. She was skiddish with everyone but me and my mom. She loved sitting on the couch and watching tv. I feel like she was smiling every time her mouth was open and her tongue wagging. I don't know what it was like for her when my mom died, but I hope when Lacey went she found my mom and is by her side now.
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sorry to hear. Pets don't really understand treatment today for time (possibly unpleasant) later.  dying naturally is subjective.  we are able to give our pets a healthier lifestyle, instead of survival of the fittest in the wild.  That comes with a greater responsibility with end of life issues. They cover their pain well and can't tell us. Just because we can treat animals, does not mean we should.  She was also mourning the loss your mom, that can take a toll on animals too.  Try to take solace that she is no longer suffering and had a peaceful goodbye.  give yourself permission to grieve how ever you need to, and forgiveness for not grieving all the time.
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