We lost our dear 12 year old border collie/Australian Shepard mix last week Wed. I haven’t dealt with a dog loss this harsh in my life. I’ve been so sad I’ve been taking work off and crying daily, I feel like I lost a human family member. The hardest part for me has been the guilt as well . I took her to the vet for diarrhea and he gave me two weeks of prednisone and antibiotics and said to come back in two. Within one week ... she was so sick that she could barely walk and I took her to the ER .... they sent me to a specialty and next day she died that evening .They said that they believe she had inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatitis… Developed a blood clot and had a stroke. Apparently dogs with protein loss inflammatory bowel disease can develop blood clots. She was my parents dog so of course I’m kicking myself because I didn’t see her for one week due to being out of town for work . My dad said that the dire symptoms truly were a 24 hour timeframe.... the internal medicine specialist veterinarian said that sometimes dogs present like this and are gone within 24. I am just so sad and I know that even if I took her sooner it probably would’ve lengthened her life by maybe two miserable weeks because the last two days were likely very horribly painful. Vet said feeding tube, and hospitalization, all a lot for a 12 year old bigger dog. Has anyone else been through this disease before? I miss her so much.
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Dear Katie,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Ellie. Love the photos you posted of your sweet Ellie, she is so beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Katie, please give yourself time to grieve, the sudden emptiness left behind by our dearly loved family member is so hard for our hearts and minds to adjust to, take your time, grieving has no time limit, so please don't push or rush yourself.
When you feel up to it, I would love to read more about your precious girl, of course I completely understand if you aren't feeling up to it at this moment, whenever you are ready, there's no rush.

Sending our most positive, healing thoughts your way. May your heart always know and feel the love that your sweet Ellie continues to surround you with.

Sincerely, Don, Vera and forever our little Bella.

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