I cannot explain how painful the last few days have been for me after losing Tiggers. 

After losing my beloved Sandy in 2008 I waited for two years to get another best buddy, I searched for months to find one.  I ran into Tiggers at the shelter in 2010 he was a rescue the previous owners where charged with animal abuse and Tiggers was seized, he spent alot of time in the secret shelter until the court dates where settled, he was then moved to the regular shelter and after being neutered and his teeth done he was up for adoption.  I had gone into the shelter to look at a dog for my dad and seen Tiggers picture on his kennel, he was out at the doctors so I couldn't meet him that day, I went back the next.  I took him out for a walk and noticed that he wasn't even the least bit interested in me but thought well poor little guy he will come around, so I adopted him.

Two weeks into getting to know each other Tiggers (a 9 lb yorkshire cross) turned aggressive, now one might think that well he's just alittle dog but believe me he was a handful, I was bound and determined to make this little guy my dog.  Over the 8 years together he only learned to like my husband and my father, I spent all those years keeping him from biting or attacking friends, family and strangers.  But even though he was hard to handle him and I where close.  I work at home alone so he was the only one I talked to sometimes throughout the whole day, we would go out for short walks outside to look for squirrels or rats in the barn. When I went out he went with me, he stood on the seat of my truck front paws on the dash looking for things to bark at, nose prints all over my windshield, I couldn't take him to dog parks because he didn't like other dogs either, I always wonder how this poor little dog was raised he didn't like people or dogs lol.

I took him in for his shots in November and decided to have some teeth looked at they decided he should have some pulled, so upon checking his heart he had murmurs so she wanted to do a radiograph, it took a month for the appointment finally had the radiograph on the 18th of december, not good.  The left side of his heart was enlarged putting pressure on his trachea.  She asked if he's coughing I said once inawhile, not alot.  So we went ahead with the dental surgery, she sedated him and listened to his heart again, this time she heard arrhythmia so she canceled the surgery, gave me some heart medication and sent us home.  I noticed his breathing was heavier a week later, and his nose running abit I knew what was happening, I was so scared.  I had decided to make a appointment to take him back in a couple days later he had either a stroke or a heart attack I rushed him into a vet who said the best for him was euthanasia, I was devastated, and still feel devastated.  I am having such a heard time coming to terms with this loss.  I know in my heart that if I wouldn't of adopted him he wouldn't of gotten that 8 years with me, still doesn't make me feel any better.  I picked up his ashes yesterday and have him sitting in his chair.  Its funny I had to get rid of my couch and buy two chairs cuz he would get mad at me for sitting on his couch, little buggar I loved him.
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I am so sorry about little Tiggers. Bless his Soul, he had a character. He knew and still knows how much he was and still is loved. You didn't mind that he was feisty -you just loved him, and that is a sacred love.
Yes he had that 8 years of a good life....and no, that doesn't help when we are grieving them having to leave us.
I know. Bless your heart.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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What a lucky little soul Tiggers was. The love and patience you had with him is not lost because he is no longer with you in this lifetime. You were an angel to him. Now, he is an angel to you, and his spirit will always be with you. Just listen for it.

I too work from home, so I know the incredible void that exists when they are no longer by your side all day long. Now, there are changes to routines, adjustments, even going to the pet shop for the one kitty I have left. I no longer buy in volume. The spot on my desk that I made available to her is vacant and I can't bring myself to use it just yet. You, you now can have a couch instead of two chairs. I love that you did that for him. We worked our lives around these precious little creatures, and now they are gone. And it is so sad and heartbreaking. It is a tremendous loss and it does rock our worlds.

I am so sorry for you loss. Welcome to the forum where you can find others who can so relate to what you are going through.

I wish you peace. RIP Tiggers. :(

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Thank you so much Mistymama and PeppermintPatty, your kind words mean alot to me.  Today was a bad day, Monday I work at home and Tiggers was always following me around the house, if I had to run upstairs to the bathroom he would pass me on the stairs when I came down he would stop on the landing, leap up, I would say "all the way down" (we had to pass the front door).  He would lay in his bed until I would get up for something else. He went with me everywhere for 8 years, my dog before him was 16 years so for 24 years I have had a little doggy companion until last week.  He just did not get along well with anybody else, what a dog.

Today in the mail I got his 2018 License that I had just sent out for last week, and also in the mail was a letter of condolences from my vet, rough day.  I miss him so much it hurts my whole body aches for him this is aweful.  Thank you for taking the time to read my post about Tigs.
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Well one month ago tomorrow was the last day I would ever spend with my Tiggers, my heart is still hurting still cry just not as much I miss him so much I just can't explain.  My husband bought me a puppy to ease my pain I have to say that if dog spirits can enter the body of another I think I may have Tiggers Two. I am having a bad day today and I think the puppy knows it, I have to carry him down the stairs to my work area I called him to the top of the stairs I had been crying and had asked for Tigs to show me he was ok, I used to hold Tigs face in my hands and gently rub my thumbs over his eyes one of the few ways I could actually touch him, I put my hands out to my puppy and he layed his head in my hands I cried harder.  So I like to think my new puppy is Tiggers, he is a similar looking dog I had asked before for signs and have some other similarities but that one took the cake.  Just had to share this and write it down, its been along month.....
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