Hello -

Last Saturday (10/05/2013) lost my beloved Luca to the awful disease named FIP.

He was perfectly healthy and overnight he got ill with high fever amond other symptoms and in less than a month he was taken from my side.

I've ilost other pets in the past but was never so affected as I am now.... He was so young - just 14 months old.

Miss him terribly... He was an amazing soul and his presence is so deeply missed. The house seems so empty without his constant running and playing with "paper balls".

Any help, guidance and/or support would be greatly appreciated....

Luca's Mom (aka. Maria)

Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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I am so sorry Luca was taken so young. It is such a terrible shock, and happened so suddenly. My heart goes out to you.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Misty's life after death:
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Hi Maria,

I am so sorry for your loss. I am going through the same thing. I just lost my beloved Zippy to FIP last Friday. He was only four and declined so fast :-(  

I have gone through a lot of painful things in my life, but this experience has been one of the worst. I miss him terribly. I live alone and am now completely alone :-/

I keep finding myself thinking I could have done something different and changed the outcome somehow, but I am working on accepting that's not being fair to myself. There truly is nothing anyone can do about this horrible disease.

I wish I could offer you advice other than to let yourself grieve. Heck, I'm a 43 year old man and I've been balling my eyes out in between bouts of serious anger that this happened to him :-(

I wish you the all the best. You are not alone.


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Hello Melvin-

So sorry you lost Zippy. Yes... Unfortunately there's so little we can do (or Vets) to overcome this desease.

Luca was fhe healthiest, happiest and more active young cat you will meet.. And then with no warnings at all got ill with high fever and less than a month he was gone.

We spent the last few weeks going to see different specialists, running countless tests and having several ultrasounds in the efforts to eliminate FIP as a possibility.

In the last few days and once we eliminated all other possible illness... It was clear it was FIP (i am waiting for the post morten results to confirm 100% this diagnosis) so the decline was very fast.

Luca's kidneys were destroyed and he was also having neurological symptoms... The whole thing was just so heartbreaking.... Feeling so powerless, knowing the whatever i tried we couldn't save him.

I just hope he was not in pain... The last few weeks were a rollercoaster... Some days he seems to be doing well and probably recovering little by little and hen other days collapsing.

I''m also 43 and have lost other pets before but the feelings are not the same... In addition to the pain of grieving also the anger and frustration he got this disease which so many Vets don't know how to diagnosed and/or treat.

I found myself doing their job - trying to figure what it was not so we can determiner if it was FIP (wet or dry) and fhe course of action with the treatments which fhe only option was to prolonged the inevitable.

Sadly there's no cure and here in the US very little research funds goes towards FIP... Europe is more advance on this matter.

I know is of litle help but if you want to understand a little bit more what happened to Zippy - you may consider visiting these two websites - (Dr. Addie - University of Glasgow) (Dr. Pedersen - UC Davis)

We lost our little babies but at least we some knowledge which we can pass to other in our situation.

My heart goes out to you and I truly understand how you feel...

I haven't stop crying since my little Luca crossed last Saturday night. While I do have other kitties at home... The house feels so empty without his presence and playful personality.


Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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Hello -

Wanted to send a quick note to share with all other members of the Rainbow Bridge community how much it helped me to participate in today's candlelight ceremony.

It is easy to get so caught up in our own sadness without realizing there are so many animals out there whom never experienced a home nor have a loved one to miss them. Let's pray for all of them as we do with our beloved "fur babies"!

My time with Luca was very short... Only 377 days but those were some of the best days of my life.

Miss him terribly and I'm so upset and angry FIP took him from me so soon. But I know ... Luca knows I loved him and will love him forever.

No one will be able to replace him and I will make sure every person I will come across will know his name and what he endured fighting this awful disease.

There's so much need for Veterinarias and the general public to know more about Feline Infectious Peritonitis - Lett's work together to create awareness and hopefully witness a cure soon.

Tomorrow is going to be 10 days Luca crossed.... Life without him is very difficult!

He was the "light of the house" - Our little Baby!!!! I truly hope he's running and jumping in the meadow right next to Rainbow Bridge with Kelly and Jimmy - his two older siblings whom passed many years ago.

One day we all will be reunited.... Until then my new goal is to create awareness and fight for the cure of FIP!

Blessings to all ...

Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Luca. I know you miss him terribly. I admire your courage in wanting to fight for awareness of the disease that took his precious life. What a wonderful tribute to your beloved Luca.

I lost my beautiful horse JR after a four and a half month battle with intestinal disease. There were so many ups and downs, and with each up I had renewed hope. He was a fighter and did not give up on life easily. He enjoyed life to the fullest and I enjoyed our 16 years together. I miss him every minute of every day and night. It will be five weeks tomorrow. I have had other horses in my life, and cats and dogs, sheep and bunnies. I have loved them all, but I am taking the loss of my sweet JR much harder. I have never cried so much in my life or hurt so deeply. The caring and understanding I have received on this site has helped me to cope. I don't know how I would have gotten through each day so far without the support I've found here. 

Wishing you comfort and peace as you take these two journeys - your healing and your goal for awareness and the cure for FIP. Remember that your Luca loved you just as much as you loved him.

JR's Mom

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Hello Brooke (aka JR' s Mom) -

So sorry about your loss... It seems both of us had many other pets in the past but no other "crossings" had affected us as much as JRs and Luca's respectively.

I'm sure JR was a special soul as my Little Luca and while I understand we all have a time to be born and a time to passed... loosing a young pet is very difficult!

In our case - Luca got ill overnight with a high fever and for the first 5 days of his illness was dealing with Vets whom keep on saying I was reading too much into his symptoms.

As his Mom - I knew something was terribly wrong and finally I was able to find a Vet who really help us. Unfortunately - we were fighthing the proverbial "impossible battle" as there's NO cure for FIP.

As I was desperate... Spent prerty much every hour of every day researching this awful illness trying/hoping to know exactly what he had and if there was any treatments or possible cure.

In my countless hours reading about FIP with Luca right next to me fighting this illness - came to realized how little we all know about it and how little the Veterinarians know about it as well.

Not to mention - their lack of "tact" and "kindness" in dealing with a Pet Parent facing the most difficult diagnosis for a yong cat.

We ended up seeing 7 different Vets (4 traditonal practicitioners, 2 internists and 1 neurologist). Out of that group - we found only 1 qualified traditional practioner and the neurologist whom was very good as well.

We live in Los Angeles county - I was perplexed by the lack of information and training these "professionals" had... Telling me I needed to allow the Clavamox time to work at the same time I was witnessing his litttle body collapsing to this awful illness.

Luca was sick for 25 days - it was a rollercoaster. Sometimes I was hopeful and other times I needed to understand/embrace the "unevitable".

I' m still waiting for the results of the necropsis in order to be 100% sure it was FIP... As with Alzheimers in humans the only way to be 100% certain is by doing post morten analysis.

As I told our new and wonderful Vet (Dr. Lina - at Dr Y's animal clinic in Westlake Village) .... Luca's passing will not be in vain. I lost him and there's nothing I can do to bring him back but will make sure people will know his ordeal.

His fighting spirit - he never gave up !!! Until the moment his body couldn" go further. His strength and dignity during those 25 days were to be admired!

It was very difficult for Luca to walk in the last few days (dealing with neurological issues / FIP does attack fhe central nervous system) but he made every effort to jump on/off the bed and go in/out of the litter tray. He was determine to continue with his way of life!

So we made a pact ... I will not give up as long as he wanted to continue fighting and if/when Luca didn't go further - I was going to be with him as he transition to his new role.... As an Angel!

Now - i'm pickmg up the pieces of my broken heart but determined one day (sooner rather than later) to establish the LUCA BONINO FOUNDATION for the Research and Cure of Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

I know it will not be easy... But it has to get done! There's the need for more awareness and especially more funding towards research and cure of this awful disease. How about - Improving the vaccine which is already in the market and pretty much no one knows about it!

Perhaps something more simple ... Such as request " cat litter" manufacturers to include an "ingredient" which will kill the Coronavirus "at contact" when our precious Babies use them...

The sad reality is 80% of kittens are infected with the Corona Virus... Some of them get rid of it quite easily while others are carriers for months/years. Less than 3% of the infected kittens - sometimes before reaching 2 years of age - the virus mutates and becomes the deadly FIP.

If we stop the first step "contamination" .... Eventually and potentially we could eliminate the illness altogether. Let' hope and pray for a cure!

On a closing note - bein part of this virtual community of Pet Parents is helping me in a great way! It's good to know we are not alone in this journey.


Maria ---- Luca's Mom

Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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Hello Luca's mom, I am so so sorry for your loss. And condolences to the other pet parents in this thread as well.

My 13 year old girl was just 'diagnosed' on 10/9/13. She is very close to the end and we are in the miserable position of choosing when to pts. :( I am alternating between numb and so overwhelmingly sad. 

Having only just learned about FIP a week ago, I am so grateful for your dedication to the search for answers and someday a cure. So Thank you. 

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Hello Sari -

So sorry to hear the news about your baby. Unfortunately - FIP attacks mostly the really young but also the older cats. Hearing about FIP for the first time is the most devastating news for a cat parent.

I still remember when Luca got diagnosed first ... The internist at the VCA Hospital (Woodland Hills, CA) without really checking the file sent by our Vet and without conducting a full/clinical examination - He determined it was FIP (wet) and told me I was going to lose him and needed to make a decision soon. I felt the air getting out of my lungs - I almost collapse with his "blunt" and "careless" manner to deliver this devastating news.

As I read a little bit about Coronavirus and FIP in the first days after Luca got ill... I knew it was a very difficult illness to diagnosed and obviously I look for a 3rd, 4th and even 5th opinion. I needed to know what was wrong with him so we can treat him accordingly. I needed to be his "voice" - he was such a fighter! I needed to be there for him and allow him to try to beat this illness.

Based on all extensive research I did - and on the onset of other symptoms (mainly neurological) .... I think Luca had FIP but the "dry" form. Both are fatal and there's little anyone can do - just treat the symptons and prolonged the inevitable as long as the cat/kitten is not suffering.

It is a nasty disease - which most people don't know anything about it - including most Vets. We saw a total of 7 and only 1 was truly able to help us and guide us on this uphill battle.

Unfortunately ... We lost our fight! Out of the sorrow, grieve and anger that something like this happened to my Little Luca and so many other cats/kittens I found my "call" .... Will take this awful experience and make something positive out of it. The first step is awareness...

With this in mind -

If you have any doubts your Cat got diagnosed wrong.... Fight and fight again the diagnosis!

It is proven when Vets have NO idea what is wrong with the cat ... they said is FIP. The sad and frustrating fact is there are more cats put down for a wrong diagnosis by a Vet and a decision made by a trusting Pet Parent than the actual number of kittens/cats who succumb to FIP.

Some things to consider - If your Cat has some or all of the following symptoms... There's a considerable chance she has FIP...

1. Antibiotic resistant - persistent fever.
2. Lethargy, dianrrea and/or vomiting
3. Anorexia
4. Acute Anemia
5. Neurological issues (difficult walking, weak hind legs, weakness, lack of equilibrium, etc.)
6. High Globulin numbers
7. High Whie Cells numbers (indicating an infection)
8. ALB/GLOB ratio of 0.6 or lower
9. Lynphopenia
10. Neutrophilia
11. Elevated liver enzimes (such as ALT and ALP)
12. Elevated Billirubin

Among others...

Please make sure to discuss the blood panel results with your VET... Don' t give up - it may be something different (some of the "typical" symptons of FIP also match many oher diseases).

Have your Cat tested for Mycoplasma - Cryptococcous - lymphoma, etc. You may be lucky to find out she has another illness which could be treated. Anything is better than FIP.

Assuming the worst ... If there's pretty much NO doubt she has FIP.... Just enjoyed your time with her!!!!! Take tons of photos and be grateful for each moment she's with you. She will let you know when is time to let her crossed...

I wish - I could write something different! But unfortunately as of now .... There's no cure! And the only way to be "fully certain" of the diagnosis is by conducting a post morten analysis.

Thus the need to stand up and fight for ALL the fur babies taken from our side(s) to this awfull disease. My new hope and dream is to see a fully "actionable" vaccine to prevent FIP and for a CURE to all the ones who are already affected.

On final note - You are not alone during this difficult time... There are many of us who unfortunately know too well the pain and perhaps frustrations you and your family are experiencing now.


Maria - Luca's Mom
Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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Hello everyone -

Last Saturday was exactly two weeks Luca left... His little body couldn't fight the FIP virus any longer. So sad there was norhing else I could have done to save him.

The grief, pain, frustration is so deep .... How is it possible we don't have a cure for this awful disease as of yet?

The pain is too much tonight to write a long "post" ... Instead - I will leave a photo of Luca and his older Brother Kelly taken the day before his passing.

Kelly joined the candlelight celebration today... As he knew we were remembering and honoring his " Little Bro".... It breaks my heart... Kelly lost his older Brother Jimmy in 2011 (he passed at the age of 22 years old) and now losing Luca at the tender age of 14 months.... Too much for his little heart to take!

I know Kelly is grieving as well.... And wish I could be of more support but I'm so devastated with Luca' unexpected, sudden illness/passing.

We will make sure to always remember Luca and will dedicate myself to create awareness and find funding solutions to the research needed to eradicate FIP.


Lucas' Mom

P/S - one more photo... The two boys at happier times!
Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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Hello ALL -

Thank you for taking the time to read the posts about my beloved Luca. I hope that for other pet parents who were or are dealing with a fur baby affected with FIP.... The information provided was helpful.

As most of you already know Feline Infectious Peritontis is at the moment a fatal (no cure) disease afffecting mostly young cats. In reality it can affect kittens/cats of all ages and its diagnosis is quite difficult as the simptoms are so similar to the ones created by other diseases.

To make things worst... There's a lack of awareness in the general public as well as knowledge in the Veterinary field. During the 25 days Luca was ill - we saw 7 differents Vets and only 2 out of that group had the knowledge to help us deal with this dreadful illness.

We realized early on that FIP was a possibility... Almost at the end - after going thru an extensive elimination process - FIP was the most lickely culprit. Unfortunately the only way to be 100% certain is via a post morten analysis.

Few days before his passing ... When I came to terms with the fact I was going to lose by Little Angel - I knew that I have 2 options ... One was do nothing about it ... Just grieve! Or I can learn from this experience and be able to pass along information which may help others.

With the latter in mind ... When the moment came to allow Luca to crossed - I decided to donate parts of his body for medical research. I witnessed his necropsis and have been waiting for its results for almost a month.

The final results came in last Friday ... And it was proven with 100% certainty he had FIP. The pathologist found traces of the Corona Virus on both his Kidneys and Lungs.

It is so frustrating to know there's nothing we could have done to save him! That no scientist has been able to find a cure! And that most Vets just don't know how to diagnose/treat an animal showing simptoms ... Nor help prepare its guardian to face the inevitable!

No words can described how much I love and miss my Beloved Luca!!! Unfortunately - We lost the battle against FIP..... The only thing gained is a great amount of information/knowledge about this awful disease.

If someone reading this post has the need fo find out more details about FIP and/or what Luca endured... Please feel free to contact me - will be delighted to provide some light to minimize the darkness FIP creates for everyone involved.

Thanks for reading ....


Maria --- Forever Luca's Mom
Maria ---- Luca' Mom
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