It's been five days and I'm seeing definite signs that my boy is reaching out to me,and let me say, I am SO thankful to be able to say that on a site where I know it will be received with understanding rather than a cocked eyebrow and cynicism, and I'm positive there are many of you that have experienced your own babies reaching out to you.My boy was a 7 year old boxer/american bulldog mix,he was often called a sexy dog by other animal lovers due to his perfectly beautiful boxer body,black with a white breast and muzzle and a white spike going up to his forehead,the barrel chest and long legs of a boxer.Rusty was born with a short tail and many times people asked me if I had it docked,emphatically no! Neither were his ears clipped.He was passionate about me and my kids and could be downright intimidating,he comforted me through many ups and downs in my life,he was always there to raise up ,placing his beautiful paws on my shoulders and laying his precious head on my chest he would give a deep sigh as if there was no better place to be My life is so much better for having had him there, he taught me so much about loyalty,unconditional love, friendship and thankfulness.He taught me how to play and how to let myself be vulnerable.When my infant granddaughter passed away 4 years ago and we came home from the hospital with no baby Rusty was despondant.He met us at the door searching our hands and clothes for Aniya,and when he gave up he layed around for days grieving.I know he saw her when he walked across that bridge and hasn't left her side.I'm writing a lot I know but I haven't been able to set up a residency sight as of yet.Thank you so much for what Rainbowbridge has provided for me these last very difficult days,I'm almost all the way through the A's,I intend to work my way through looking at each precious memorial.Several of the dogs on there looked so much like my baby that I busted out crying,they are each one precious and cherished by their parents.Again thank you!
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What a beautiful description of your beloved Rusty!  Someone once told me that our pets leave us when their job is done.  It's a difficult concept to process but clearly, you are so appreciative of everything Rusty has taught you, even in these early raw and emotional days.  And for me, it helped process the grief because it encouraged me to really look at Winston's life - and death - in a different way.  Of course we will miss our fur babies but their spirits can be kept alive and near as we remember the gifts they gave us.  Rusty would be so proud of you and I'm certain he's reaching out to you.  Winston still reaches out sometimes and he's been gone over a year.  Peace to you during this tough time.
Winston's mom

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I am so sorry for your loss.. Losing a pet is never easy.

I am glad you have found support here, I have too. xx
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