It has been over two years since we lost our first beagle, Zack, to kidney failure, and it looks like I have to go down this road again with his sister, Coral. They were litter mates so it makes sense that this kidney disease is hereditary, but this time it seems worse because I know what to expect. My poor Coral is not eating her favourite foods anymore and we have started at home sub q IV treatments....but this doesn't seem to be helping. She is so weak and frail and can't keep much in her poor little body anymore, but is still occasionally happy, that I don't even want to think about putting her to sleep. I know this decision will have to be made very soon, but it just kills me inside to have to go through this again. Today I spent most of the day by her side, holding her or petting her as she layed looking into my eyes. I've told her that it is ok to move on to the rainbow bridge and that she will see her brother there, but this still hurts knowing the end is near.

I'm turning to this support group as it helped me so much the last time around.
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I'm so sorry that Coral is so poorly.
We had to make THAT difficult decision 3 months ago when our retriever, Spike, had declined and basically the life seemed to have gone from him.
As awful as this sounds I really did hope he would pass in his sleep- so I wouldn't feel responsible for his death. That was me being a coward but in the end I had to be realistic and as a family we made the decision to have him put to sleep. Vet came to the house. It was awful but we knew it would be. He's pain free now though and hopefully he'll be running around with all the other fur babies over rainbow bridge and be having a great old time now he's free from the ravages of age.

Thinking about you.

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So sorry about Coral's health situation. It is a harsh reality to grasp. I relate to your heartache. Sweet Zach is watching over you right now as your guardian. Our animals are so much more than pets aren't they? Where as human beings are selfish and diassponting, our animals are unconditional lovers and champions of our lives. Coral adores the sound of your voice and warmth of your love. Speaking from a raw heart after losing my precious baby not even a week ago, I have been constantly saying to myself "I would give anything for 5 minutes". The memories are completely priceless. Our lives wouldn't mean as much without the love of animals. Always remember how much she loves you and how you made her life the BEST. Find comfort in knowing you gave her that. Cover her in kisses <3
Laura Boggs
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I'm so sorry you're going through this again with Coral. Spend as much time with her as you can and give her all the love in the world.. give her a kiss/hug for me.. many ((((((hugs)))))) to you, somehow you will find the strength to get through this. 
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