Today my family and I have made the heart wrenching decision to have my fur baby pts. I've had her since I was 7 years old and I've never known life without her. Just an advice that anyone can give me will be fab. We have another dog aswell and I'm concerned how this will affect her and if there are any suggestions on what I can do?
Thank you x
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We lost our dog Thursday. Our other dog is confused and looking for her. So we are just giving her lots of love and walks. It's so hard x
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I agree with tuppyanne. Your remaining dog needs tons of extra love, affection and attention. This will also help you.
Advice for you: I wish I had the right words or a magic formula. Everyone grieves in his/her own way. Talk about her to people who are supportive and understand the bond you shared. Talking helps. I have read several books on pet loss and grieving. Some suggestions are keeping a journal, expressing your feelings in writing of all forms. Cry when you feel like crying, don't put time limits on your period of grieving.
Time does help but to get through each day until the initial raw grief begins to subside be kind to yourself and come here to the forum where you will always find support, understanding and no judgement.
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