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Hi David
My heart goes out to you! Tomorrow I am sending my beagle cross Jack to the Rainbow Bridge. I have already made arrangements to have him cremated and will scatter him at home and plant a Jacaranda tree (that is one of our nicknames for him -Jacaranda)
My emotions have been a total jumble of sadness, grief, anger and despair. I am trying to be upbeat for Jacks sake and have taken copious photos and videos.
Sending much love to you and Stormy ❤❤

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Hello David. If you go online there are websites/businesses that do various things with cremains. Jewelry, grow a memory tree using the cremains as fertilizer, etc.
I’m sorry about your grief. I’ve been through it many times. You will be okay and soon you will be comforted in the memories you have of your special friend. Death is a part of life that we all have to deal with in our own way. It is extremely hard to lose a devoted animal friend that we have grown older with- They touch our souls and leave a mark that will be our reminder of how important they were in our lives. Thinking of you and Stormy. Blessings.
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Keeping you and your family in my prayers.   Nothing like losing one of your very best friends in this life.   It is a terrible experience but we know it is for the best.   They will never suffer again after they enter God's Animal Kingdom and drink from His river of living water.
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My heart is heavy, as I've been reading through the recent posts some of you have made on your own furbabies' threads.  I'm so sorry to hear of the grief you're each going through.  I know it's not's sucked every time I've had to go through this.  I should've started threads and a memorial on here for the past two pets my wife and I had to send on to Rainbow Bridge, but for some reason I didn't.  Not sure why. 

Reading through some of the struggles you are all having is at least calming me somewhat and letting me know that I'm not the only one with the types of feelings I have, or that I'm not crazy for the way I look at my pets as more than "just an animal companion".  I'm reminded each time I come here that as the days pass and I eventually am mourning the loss of Stormy, or any of my other furbabies (even ones who haven't yet adopted me), that I won't be alone in my grief, and that there will be others who can identify with my feelings.

I think I've started pre-grieving, even though I don't know how much time is really left.  So I'm having to pace myself and not release all of it.  I want to still have some tears to shed when the day finally comes, not look and feel like some coldhearted guy who can't even cry at the loss of his furbaby.

I started making a list today of the things I want to make sure I do in the coming days, weeks, and months (if not years, though I know that is probably unlikely) - get pawprints and fur clippings, get some good, close-up photos of Stormy so that her face is visible, figure out if I can find anyone to paint her picture, set up a memorial page on here, stuff like that.  And of course spend every minute I can holding her and telling her how much I love her.

I also started writing out a song to her.  Not fully - I will freely admit that I'm borrowing the tune of "The Old Man" by Phil Coulter, and putting my own words to it for Stormy.  I couldn't finish it right now, because it was making me tear up just thinking about how I may have so little time left with my precious baby girl, my constant companion for the last 10.5 years.  So I've put it away for now - I'll pick it up again when the time is right, as part of my coping, and maybe when it's done, I'll post it on here.

It's funny how our youngest cat is starting to take on many of the things Stormy does.  He curls up in the bed at my feet (he might sleep farther up on the bed, if Stormy wasn't already laying claim to the spot behind my knees - but if he's not up at my head or curled around my wife's head like a helmet, he's down at my feet), he follows me to the bathroom in the morning to sit on the counter and watch me get dressed, etc.  And he comes and finds me whenever the house is quiet to either sit in my lap or next to me and get his belly rubbed.

My prayers go out for each of you who is feeling the pain of loss of your furbaby today.



Daddy to beloved fur baby Stormy
08/2003 - 05/19/18
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