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Hello I am new to RainbowBridge. Three days ago I had to put my beautiful sweet Jamie to sleep.  She had cancer.  I am not doing well-I miss her so much. I cry a lot-I am crying as I try to type this.  Can anyone help me ?


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Hi Jazze

I am deeply sorry about the loss of your Jamie. I felt the same way just a short week ago when I lost my own dog Skedio. I cried pretty much for 2 days straight until I just couldn't cry anymore. The hurt seemed unbearable and I felt lost and was just in a daze for a while. I can't guarantee you that I can help ease your pain, but I can assure you that the grief you feel is something that everybody on this forum feels or has felt. I can tell you that coming here the day Skedio crossed the rainbow bridge and posting about it and then going to the chat room and talking to the people there gave me some peace of mind and comfort. I'm still dealing with my own pain and I haven't quite figured out the best way to move on, but I think I'm getting better by the day.
I wish you understanding, peace and good memories.


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It will pass in time.  Be patient with yourself.  One day you will realize that you made the correct decision, dont' feel guilty.  I am so sorry for your loss.  Take baby steps to heal.


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Hi Jazze,
I'm so sorry for your loss.  Im sure you are having a hard time.  It does get easier.  Cry all you need to.  Think about them as often as you can.  Don't eliminate their memory from your life, keep Jamie's stuff around.  I lost my dog 2 months ago and I kept his stuffed animal and the other day i was cleaning and stumbled upon it.  It used to make me sad now it made me smile.  Try the chat room on here.  It's amazing what a difference it makes.  I couldn't even sleep, I used to cry so much, the night i went on the chat i slept so well.  Look for signs in your days to Jamie is around adn trying to tell you she is OK.  Those signs make a huge difference.  It can be anything from a calming dream to something out of the ordinary in your home.  It is so hard and it gets harder adn then easier.  Promise.  You'll always remember her and occasionally you'll still cry but you'll stop having a really hard time.  Those random tears, months from now, will be happy memory tears. 
You are in my prayers and thoughts,


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Hi,  I lost my dog Feb 16th to cancer.  We had her put to sleep.  She was in bad shape.  That day was so rough for my dad and I.  We had adopted her and loved her so very much.  I did a lot of crying that week and I still break down sometimes.  It is normal to cry for your little one as they filled your life with joy.  What helps me is thinking about how happy and healthy my Annie is now.  I'm sure your little one is happy and healthy too now.  Time does help the healing process.  Thanks to a friend I found this site and my grieving process has run a lot smoother.  I agree about the signs.  I thought I was the only one who experienced them.  The day Annie passed was a completely cloudless day.  Not a breeze blowing.  After we buried her on my dad's land, the wind all of the sudden picked up and an eagle flew over the field we were in.  It was a species I had never seen before.  The wind kept blowing till I went home.  Then it stop completely.  Almost like her spirit being swept up to heaven. 
I've also had dreams about Annie.  She's happy and running around.  And no sign of tumors.  I woke up feeling happy for her.  Glad that she was ok. 
Hugs to you.  This forum will help a lot too.  :-) 
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