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I am sorry for your loss.
I totally understand.

I found my beautiful Grace when she was one week old under a porch.
Because she had to be fed every four hours, Grace lwent every where with me.
We were very bonded-she was my soul mate.
I was very young-when I found Grace so Grace and I grew up together.

Grace never had.a mama cat to teach her how to be a cat.
When Grace started taking showers with my boyfriend, I figured it was time to find an adult cat to teach her how to be a cat.
It never did work.

Anyway, Sweet Anna (3 years old) came into our lives when Grace was 3 months old. As hard as Anna tried, Grace still thought she was a person.

Both Grace and Anna were very healthy cats.
Grace was killed by her own vet.

I knew it was a misdiagnosis and I so wish I had gotten a second opinion.
Grace was perfectly healthy.
But, I let her vet administer the treatment
that killed her.

I took Grace to the Specialty Care hospital to see her own internist-who confirmed what I already knew-it was a misdiagnosis.
Grace had anemia because she was recovering from an infection.
If her vet had drawn her blood only two weeks later, her body would have naturally healed her anemia.
Anemia is almost 100% curable in cats.

Grace was given blood transfusions to give Dr N enough time to try to undo the damage done by her vet-but Grace’s little body could not take anymore-
Grace died on May 11, 2016.

Grace broke both mine and Anna’s heart on the day that she died.
Anna just totally gave up on life and stopped eating.
Anna died 3 weeks after Grace.

I lost my best friends, my support, and my family in less than three weeks.
They were both very healthy cats.

I am sorry for what you are going through-
I stared at the wall for two days unable to move.
It does get easier.
Time makes the intensity of the loss go away-
But time never heals the scar.

I am in the process of writing a book on pet loss named “Love, Grace”.

This is the last page of her book.
I hope Grace can bring you some comfort.

“Sometimes when you lose
something you value,
you have to grieve.

It is natural to feel shock,
denial, loneliness, sadness,
guilt, anger, depression, hope,
acceptance and growth.

I know that it hurts,
and it feels like the
pain will never end.

It will.

I know that it does not
feel very comfortable.

It is just a process
that you have to go
through to accept
your loss.

I know that you feel
like the hole in your
heart will never heal.

It will.

You will get through
this hard time.

Be patient with yourself.

Don't be afraid to cry.

You might feel afraid
of the future because
change is always hard.

Everything has its
time and place.

You will always have the
memories in your heart.

You will get through
this dark time.

I am on your side.

And remember,

I am here if you ever
need to talk.

Grace “

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Thank you for your eloquent words. Indeed, we are kindred spirits.

I made the "mistake" (I don't know) of changing my computer settings to have pictures of my babies pop up. So, I see them when my computer "sleeps," I reboot, etc.

Thank you again. I know the pain you are feeling.

I don't think we will ever be the same.
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I must say that something died in me the day that Grace died-even more so when Anna joined Grace three weeks later.

They were my only family and my only support.

But, Grace is already comforting others-
A sign that I need to get my book finished.
There will never be another Anna and Grace.
They will always hold top place in my heart.
But, I do know that Grace would want me to have my joy back.
She would bite me until I did-
Grace used her teeth to get action. Lol

So, for her and Anna, I will find that joy.
Here is Grace and Anna’s goodbye announcement to all who helped them-
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Grace was always so naughty that she had to put a thank you on the hospital’s website.
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Thank you, Rachel. Your posts made me smile! Thank you so incredibly much for that.

Grace's spirit lives on. I know this for a fact.

And, you are right. A part of me too left this last time with the loss of these little beings. It's hard to explain, but it is so apparent.

Keep writing. I can't wait to get an autographed copy of your book.

Take care my dear. And, thank you dear Grace, for gracing this world with your presence.
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Since I found Grace when she was only one week-she had to be fed every four hours-so she went every where with me.
She never did realize that she was a cat.

Grace had such a personality-
I really think I could hear her laughing-
She loved to play practical jokes-

And she was a cat burglar.
She loved to steal things: earrings, barrettes, money, make up brushes, whatever she decided to take-and she would hide everything in her big treasure chest hiding olace/
Until I discovered her hiding place and found everything-I really think I could hear her laughing.,..
And she would begin her game all over again.

I never knew animals could have a sense of humor, but Grace was hilarious.
Always nonchalantly entertaining herself.
She was just so funny,
None of the stoppers in any of my sinks work-
Whenever we moved, that was always the first thing that she would disconnect.

Grace did what Grace wanted when Grace wanted-
And made sure everyone else did also.
She used to keep biting my ankles if I did not go to bed at the right time.

Since Grace was not invited back to any veterinarian office within a 50 mike radius without heavy sedation, neither Anna or Grace went to a vet for 13 years.
Both inside cats.

I had to take Grace to a vet because she had a UTi.
The vet talked me into giving both cats “wellness visits”.
Both cats initial blood work at first “wellness visit” was perfect.
It showed that they were both as healthy as 2 year old cats.
Less than three months after that first blood work “wellness visit”, both cats were dead
Because of the vet. we are.
I am just focusing on the fact that Grace was not invited back to any veterinarians office within a fifty mile radius without heavy sedation ...

That would be Grace.
She played by her own rules-
And she was a tiny thing-only 5lbs,
but nobody could handle her. Lol
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Dear Grace,

Meet Emilee and Lara. I hope you have found each other over the Rainbow Bridge.

I have heard a lot about you. Your mom is very sad, this I know. But I'm glad that she can keep your memory alive. She's writing a book about you. How cool is that?!?!

Much love to you.


Lara On Rug3.jpg 
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Emilee and Lars are both absolutely beautiful !!!
Especially the one on the top-
Is that Emilee?
Maybe I am partial to her because she has Anna and grsce’s blanket .
Grace loved her Krinkle fish.
I would put as many on her head as I could before she bit me.
Both beautiful cats!!!
Thank you for sharing . ~^••^~

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