Hi Everyone,
I am new to this group and new to the grieving process if losing a pet. I lost my 4 lb yorkipoo due to a sudden accident a few days ago and it seems my life won’t ever go back to how it was. For me, my dog brought so much joy and happiness to me. I have already begun looking for another companion that I can love and be loved in return just as much. I’ve been waiting for signs that tell me I’ve found the one and I think I have found it. However, I begin to feel guilty in that I don’t want my Murphy to ever think I am replacing him. 
How do you get past this guilt of wanting another pet? At times it makes me sick but at times I know it’s what Murphy would want. Any help and advice would be appreciated.

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I’m so sorry for your loss.  I have lost my perfect dog Pecan 20 days ago and honestly I think if I didn’t have my kids I would have died with her.  Friends and family have suggested maybe adopting an puppy can help as I am so used to having a dog around can give another dog a great life.  But I don’t think I’m ready yet.  I’m still crying all the time and feel guilty that I couldn’t do more to save my best friend.  I think I need to get a bit stronger.  It just feels wrong now.  Maybe wait for a bit.  I’m sure you’ll know when the time is right.  My brother adopted a puppy 10 days after his dog passed away and he found it really helpful. 
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I can relate much to your stories. My 7 years old Shih Tzu dog died a month ago and I've been crying all day long, having a hard time recovering. My bro in law gave me a puppy and it helps me not to focus on thinking over the death of my former pet. I think a replacement for having another dog is very helpful to cope up with loneliness.
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Apapesh, everyone is different.  I completely understand your wanting to find another pet because they bring such joy to our lives and when they are gone there is a huge hole in our lives that cannot be filled.  A friend of mine pointed out yesterday that part of the grief is the fact that we are no longer caring for that pet - the time we would have spent feeding them, walking them (in the case of a dog), having them with you, is now gone and we are left with that time unfilled.  Do not feel guilty!  I am sure Murphy would not want you to be sad and knows that your are not replacing him - but just finding a new friend to share your life with.  Our animals had unconditional love for us as we did them.  I lost my Patchy cat on Monday after 19 years together.  I am finally starting to get over the guilt form making the decision to put him down, but he was sick and I did not want him to go through another bad night.  I have 2 other cats, but feel like the house is not quite right without Patch.  I hope you have found your new love.  You do what you have to do - just remember the new dog will not be Murphy.  Bless you as you go through this decision.
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I’m sorry you lost your Murphy.  I lost my Patches a pug a while back and she was only a few months old.  I felt like she never got to live and thought I could never have another dog because for me that meant I had to go through this pain again, but I decided to get another dog and I can’t believe how much it helped me with the grief process over my Patches death.  It gave me a pet I could give my love to over again almost like a second chance in life.  I know how you may feel like you are replacing Murphy but you are not , you are getting another one to continue giving your heart to and no one can ever take their place.  
M moore
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