I am so lost without my dog. I went on vacation and he passed away while i was gone. He was almost 17...his name was Vaggio..he was the most handsome Min Pin ever....i rescued him he was 9. He saved my life. He was the best friend i have ever had. I never got to say goodbye and i am loosing it awaiting his ashes to have closure. I miss him so much i can't stand it.
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I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful boy he is! I can tell by the pictures that Vaggio was loved by you, and he loved you! You gave him the best of care when you got him at 9 years old! I thank you for rescuing him at his age as most people want puppies. Pat yourself on the back for him living to alnost 17 years old. That shows how much you loved each other.
I loss my baby at 19 yrs old, 8 weeks ago, this coming Thursday. It still hurts like heck but it does get easier, I promise.
There are alot of pet lovers here that understands the pain you are going through. Please keep writing and let us know how you are doing. You are not alone. My condolences.
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet, handsome Vaggio. Clearly you and Vaggio had a special bond. You rescued him and he rescued you.

As Becky said, you are not alone and there are many people here who understand your pain.

My condolences,
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Dear Gina,

I am so so sorry for your loss of your beloved Vaggio. He certainly was a handsome lad and appears like quite the character. And your words are filled with loved, affection and adoration. I am glad you came here to the forum. You are not alone. We are all with you in spirit and comradeship. I am also happy that Vaggio and your paths crossed when they did all those years ago and that you shared a special bond together. All pups and humans should be so blessed.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,
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  So sorry about your beloved Vaggio. You rescued him at age 9 which is wonderful. Most people don't take dogs when they are older. Everyone in this Forum understands that you and Vaggio were BFF's and he saved your life. You had an incredible journey together. There are a lot of caring, compassionate people in this Forum who are going through the exact same thing. I'm (7) weeks in and I miss my dog more than ever.  I cry every day. So let the tears flow, talk to other pet loving people, keep a journal, memorialize Vaggio in your own way and stay strong. We are all here for you. Post often. It can help. 

Jim Miller
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