It's been 66 days since my little girl LACY  has been gone. She was with me 13 years.  I had her since she was 6 weeks old. I miss her so much, it's unbearable.  What a joy it was to come home and have her waiting for me, with such happiness.  She just brought so much joy to my life.  I now come home to an empty, lonely house.  I wonder, how am I to go on without her.  She was my life. She made me so, so happy.  She was always there through ups and downs.  The pain of losing her has not lessened any.  I still cry just thinking about her.  I want to hug and kiss her so badly, it hurts.  As I sit here in front of my computer, tears are gushing out of me.  OMG, OMG..... I MISS YOU MUCH LACY...
Lacy's mom
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Rosie~   We all understand here. It's's been since 11/10/2015 for me-- missing my 14.3 y/o Wheaten Lucy. She was with me from 8 weeks old. I agree with you. It is unbearable. This past week I have been staying @ my sister's home watching their dog. She is different in size, age, breed etc., from my Lucy. But being in a home with a loving dog again...and being able to hold & hug & cuddle with her...so wonderful. And still very sad too because I miss Lucy even more. I think we will miss our best buds forever & forever.

This week has helped me realize...I need to gather the courage to adopt a dog...hopefully in the next few months. Or at least think about it. Otherwise it feels like my heart will never heal. Granted our hearts will beat differently having lost our girls- Lacy & Lucy. At 66 days from losing my girl, I never thought I'd be considering this. As you wrote, 'the pain of losing her has not lessened any'. Totally understand. But in the last month or so, & now this week--  the 'idea' of another dog has somehow eased the pain-- just a little bit. I know that I am not ready-- quite yet. But I am working on it. Maybe not right now, but maybe in the next few months there will be a time when you might also start to think about adopting again. 

For now, it is because of your deep love & heart & soul bond with Lacy-- that the pain is so strong. Please keep talking to Lacy. I hope that she gives you signs that she is with you...and loves you forever. I think we all need 'something' to help with the deep pain & emptiness we are all feeling. Hugs, Kasey

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Oh honey I am right there with you.  Molly left me last Thanksgiving (which will NEVER be the same for me) and I am still crying daily, sometimes SOBBING and if I am alone SCREAMING that "I want my baby back".  Like you I will NEVER recover from this.  The list I have pro and con for getting another pet is equal-------so what to do?

At my age it is likely any pet will outlive me and then what?  I have no one to take care of a new baby, but how do I live without the love of another pet.  Not that any could take Molly's place.  She was my "once in a lifetime" pet.

So you see you are not alone.  I am sooooo sorry you too are hurting like you are.  I wish I could take your pain away or have a magic pill or words that would make it all better, but I don't.  It just plain STINKS that they can't live as long as we do.  It was 6 weeks before I could even see enough to start a post here, but here is where you find people who truly understand how awful this experience is to try to live through.

Molly was my heart and soul and I am lost without her as I can see you are too.  I am truly sorry for you losing your baby.  Only small comfort is that they are together and enjoying their life anew.  Take care and stay in touch.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of your dear baby Lacy. I too completely understand how you feel. It's been two days since I lost my cat Elliott, and I still feel like I'm trapped in some horrible dream that I won't wake up from.  I miss everything about him and my heart is literally breaking; I know it is because I can feel it.  I sit at work and end up crying just thinking about him, then go home and do the same.  I wish he would walk through the door like nothing bad had happened and he'd never gotten sick. I'd pay anything to hold him again...alas we can't and must learn to go on, somehow.  It won't be easy but the support system I have found here is helpful and I hope it helps you too. Know you are not alone. Know that your love for Lacy transcends time and space, and she can feel it now.  She will never leave you.  She is forever there, in your heart and will be with you everywhere always.  We are all here for you, grieving with you and helping you through the process...we will be reunited with Lacy and Elliott again one day, I just know it. 
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Hi Rosie,
I found it so heartbreaking reading your post. It's as if I can feel your pain. I had to say good bye to my little dog, Bailey in November. He had been with us for 15 years and was the light of our lives. I was devastated.
I totally get what you said about coming home and being greeted by your sweet friend and now coming home to an empty house. When I pull into the garage I still sometimes think I hear him barking. I have started working on a Memory scrapbook for Bailey. My fear is that I will forget anything about him so I'm including everything I can think of - I even listed all of the 'nicknames' we gave him.
I'm so sorry you are going through this! I hope it helps even a little bit to know that there are people who really do understand.
Sending you hugs!
MJ :)
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Rosie, I agree with everything that has been said on here. Coming home to the empty house is soul destroying, I am 13 weeks into this loss, and it is getting better bit by bit, bet every so often I get such a big reminder that we really have lost our best friends.
  Lacy sounds such a sweet little girl, always there for you, and your soul mate. I know what you are going through right now, having lost my 17 year old dog Jim, but I found that being on this site and knowing I was not on my own was a great help to me
      Please know you are not alone. Hugs, Jackie.
J Taylor
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