I have a long version of this story, but I'll post the short one: Our little doggy bundle of love, Louie, died in my arms last Sunday Jan. 12. He was a mix of Chihuahua, Dachshund, and perhaps Beagle. We found him in early June, 2019.

Just one week before he seemed to be the definition of good health. Running around the yard, loving life. Great days Sunday and Monday the 5th and 6th. Then on the 7th he seemed off, listless. The vet found he had a diaphragmatic hernia, probably related to a car accident he suffered before we adopted him. Surgery was on Wednesday the 8th, and the doctor said it went well even though it was the worse case she had ever seen ... including a collapsed lung and an "angry" pancreas." But he was a young guy,  who seemed to respond well, and after oxygen one night, regular observation the next, he was home with us Friday night.

In hindsight, he probably should have had more energy than he did, even that close to surgery. But he seemed to be doing OK. By Saturday night, though, we knew something was probably wrong. He was still breathing faster than I would have hoped. The vet on call and I thought it must be pain.

Sunday morning the 12th, after he slept next to me all night, I woke to find him still breathing "wrong." I knew he was in even more pain so I went to get his meds. In trying to give them, he died in my arms.

The vet thinks it was a blood clot, and knowing what she found later perhaps it was a good thing. She opened him up after I brought in his body on Monday and found his pancreas looked even worse than before. It must have gotten damaged from the hernia ... perhaps due to all the running and jumoing he did the previous weekend, right before he became ill.

We are all heartbroken, especially since it is so hard to fathom how a seemingly healthy dog can die so suddenly. But we do try to remember the joy he brought us, and while we only had him in our lives seven months, we truly believe that those were the best seven months of his life. He wasn't perfect -- his injury from before we adopted him left him with a damaged hip, and he ran on three legs. But we like to think he was an angel, sent down to help us through other things in last 2019; perhaps he is now needed elsewhere with another family. Regardless, we miss you Louie. We will remember you always.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of Louie. I think he's the cutest dog, I love his little Chihuahua face! First of all, don't blame yourself for not knowing that Louie would have a blood clot, this sort of thing is unpredictable. I had a young German Shepherd, Olga that we adopted from the Humane Society. She was healthy, then one day she had a brain bleed out of the blue at two years old! You gave Louie love and happiness. (Hugs)
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That is the hard part - "healthy" one day, then gone. But writing this out and reading about the experiences of others makes it much easier. Thank you.
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