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Today is the 9th day that Lino is gone. He went out to take his usual stroll around the neighborhood and never came back. Lino was a free spirit, from the 1st moment when I wanted him to be an indoor cat he let me know loud and clear that he was the boss. He would meow his lungs out when he wanted to go outside. But on December 6th he disappeared and I have no idea what happened to him. I've been looking for him like crazy but he just seems to have vanished. I've been depressed ever since. I can't eat, and I can't sleep. I lay in the couch at night and cry when my husband and son are asleep. They seem to have moved on, why can't I? Lino would sit on the computer with me while I did my homework. We used to play hide and seek and he loved to run around the house and make me run after him. I miss him terribly and I can't stop thinking about him. Is he cold, is he hungry? I never thought I'd hurt so much. People don't understand why I feel this way. They think I'm crazy, and I've heard "C'mon, is only a cat" more times than I care to count. He was more than a cat to me, he was part of my family, he was my 4th family member and now he's gone. I just can't stand to see his food and water bowl just sitting there waiting for him. He was my very first cat and I never knew one could love a pet so very much that my heart is in unbearable pain. My son wants another kitty but I'm so scared that once day eventually I'd go thru the same pain again, and I don't think I could take it. Sometimes I think this is only a bad dream and then I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up. Will I ever feel any better?

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 As I read your post, I felt your pain. Cats are so complex. Sometimes they roam. There are MANY cases where cats have been gone for a long time, and then - suddenly- show up again. Whatever Lino's fate, remember this - you opened your home and your heart to him, Diana, and you  both are richer for it. Time will tell, now. Sending you support and good thoughts. ~ Barbara
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