I had to set my baby free on Friday June 16, 2017. Lilly was 8 year old Pom Chi.  We found each other at a shelter 6 years ago. She was a matted mess, had been abused and was scared and alone. we both knew when our eyes met we should be together. Poor Lilly had been recued from an abusive home where her back legs had been left to heal broken and her trachea was partially collapsed. We had surgery done to fix her legs but she never walked right she hopped like a bunny. However, this never stopped her from running and playing. We were like two peas in a pod with us both having allergies and asthma an loving to take afternoon naps together.  Four years ago we found out she had a heart murmur and rushed her to a cardiologist. The outlook was good but she developed congestive heart failure 2 years later. With a special diet and tons of medication she seemed to be doing good even though she could no longer go for walks. As time passed she slept a great deal and coughed a lot. Thursday morning I noticed she was breathing funny and rushed her to vet who said her heart and liver were enlarged, fluid in her chest and kidney stones. We immediately took her to the animal hospital where she was placed in oxygen. Friday morning when I visited she looked the best I have seen her in years but of course she was in oxygen. Once they removed her from oxygen she struggled to breath. She looked into my eyes and kissed my nose. I knew then she was ready even if I was not. I held her in my arms and told her I loved her and thanked her for being my baby. She never struggled and then it was over. I know I did the right thing for her but my heart is broke into a million pieces. She was my baby, my life not just a dog. I am sure I will never be the same and will never get over this great loss. I love and miss you sweet lovey girl.

Cynthia Roerick
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I'm so sorry for your loss, I know how bad this hurts and you just have to go through each day one by one. There is no other way, it is a long journey and yes we will never be the same again, but your love and commitment to Lilly gave her the best years of her life. I'm so glad you found each other, what a blessing for both of you. Your story is so similar to mine. China had bad back legs and had to hop as she went around, later she developed a slightly enlarged heart. She was on meds, but she went from one night with a little trouble breathing to the emergency vet the next morning where she died in 3 hrs. They put her in an oxygen tent also, but every time they took her out she got worse. Her lungs filled with fluid and her heart gave out. I know what it means to have a 'heart dog', a connection that will last forever, beyond the time we shared here and will reunite on our passing. I pray for your healing, bless you for rescuing Lilly.
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Im so sorry to hear about your Lilly. Its been just over 2 months since i had to set my beautiful sweet black cat Raven free of her pain. Ive had many pets but she was my"heart cat", an old soul I'd known from many ages ago. From the second I saw her, an Easter gift from a person I knew at one time, I knew we had a connection. When that friend and I had a falling out, I almost gave the kitten back. That would've been a HUGE mistake! Raven taught me to live, to love, to laugh, to smile, even when I didn't want to do any of those things. And now she's gone. It seems so final, so empty., without my dear friend. But I'm trying to keep her alive in my heart by giving love to others and giving them a reason to go on, even when they have given up. May time and memories help to heal your soul's wounds, and may we all learn to love others as purely and deeply as our dear friends have loved us, and still love us, from a place we can only dream about.
Blessings from Marie and the crew 🌈
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Your story is similar to mine as well. I was gifted my pup when he was already in his golden years, at 10 years old. We had five great years of friendship together. The last few months were the hardest. He suffered a large infection in his teeth and had 10 of them extracted. After that, he seemed to be faring well. Eating more comfortably, sleeping better, he had more energy. Then one night I noticed he was breathing somewhat harshly. I chalked it up to the heat. A week later I noticed him trying to rest and coughing himself awake. I took him to the vet next morning. They observed him and ran some x rays, to find he had a partially collapsed trachea and an enlarged heart. They didn't see any signs of heart failure, and they gave him some meds to help him breathe comfortably and to alleviate a possible infection in his trachea from coughing so much. He seemed okay-ish, and a week later we had the follow up. Dr. observed him for the day and ran blood work, everything seemed fine. Two days later, he woke up unable to breathe, he struggled so hard in the oxygen tank, it didn't matter how much they upped it, he couldn't do it, suddenly he was developing fluid in his lungs. The vet told me they couldn't wean him off the oxygen at all, he wouldn't survive it, and he was slowly drowning.

It was the most painful decision I ever had to make. I knew I had no choice, he'd die miserably if I didn't alleviate his struggle. I spent the last moments thanking him and telling him how much I loved him. I wanted more time, the vet said I could take as long as I wanted, but he started coughing up fluid, and wagged his tail weakly. I had to call it then.


Its been nearly two months and here I am, still crying. Some days I get on just fine, others are like today, but I think of him every day.



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