It's now over 3 months since Bertie was put down. Even though the worst pain has begun to fade, her absence is still something I am aware of when I am home. 

Life does go on, but it isn't the same, not even close. 

Hope you all have a better day tomorrow.
Bertie's Daddy
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Thank you
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It's good to have word from you, Lamont. 

Wishing you better and easier days. You're so right, it's not the same. Not at all.

Best to you...
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Hi Lamont!

So glad to hear from you.  I know exactly what you mean.  Even though life goes on, there is still something that isn't right; something missing.  I'm busy all the time and I have my other kitty to love, but I still miss Mitookie so badly sometimes.  Passed the vet's office yesterday.  That always conjures up sad memories. 

I hope things continue to look brighter despite the empty space.  It's been almost 4 months for me.  Seems like yesterday.

Take care!

Marina ~ Mitookie's Mom
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