Dear Tasha,

It is time to write you again at Rainbow's Bridge. Thank you so much for your loving reply to my 1st letter --- it meant the world to me. 

You WERE my daughter, in life, for over 10 years. You were everything to me. And I know I was everything to you too. We had something just incredibly special for a human and a dog for many, many years.

Your mother and I have moved from the US to Asia just a few months ago, to continue/enhance our retirement. We are buying a house here on Thursday, in 2 days. We will likely live out the rest of our days here, in this new house. 

Most significantly: We are adopting a dog at the same time as buying the house. The elderly expat owners need to move back to the UK, and they cannot take their small 14 month old female dog that they rescued off the streets with them.  You mom and I are adopting her.  She was just 8 weeks old when they rescued her from the streets, and badly injured; only their love saved her after their young twin grandsons found her abandonned and on her own.

She is a sweet and affectionate girl. And she needs to stay in her same home as she loses the wonderful couple who have been caring for her.  She already has a "forever home" with his home, she just needs 2 new wonderful parents to take over and and care for her. So we want to and we will do so. We want her to stay in her forever home.

Tasha, you will always be my perfect little girl. My perfect friend. My best friend ever. This new dog will never "replace" you in any way in my heart or in my memories. Tasha, you were always just perfect to me. I do not know how you could have been a better friend, companion, or dog to me. Thank you for being this unbelievable gift to my life for 10 years. 

On a cosmic level, I believe you understand all of this better than I do, about adopting another "in need" dog at this time in our lives ... I just feel I should acknowledge it and write these words here in a letter to you at Rainbows Bridge, so I do. 

But your mom and I will love this young dog, much as we loved and cared for you. I am positive you understand.

I love you so incredibly much, Tasha. Please wish us and this young pup the best.

Your forever devoted and loving father, TashasDad

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Hi TashasDad,
I'm glad all went well with your move. I think it's wonderful that you have agreed to adopt this little girl who will be so sad when she loses the parents who kindly rescued her - but she will soon realize how lucky she is to have you both in her life! Tasha may even whisper that into her ear. Tasha knows she will forever have her special place in your heart but she will be smiling down knowing you are giving this new little dog a wonderful home and also knowing that she will bring you happiness as well. Sending hugs,
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