Dear Krypto,

It’s been 30 days since I had to return you back to the universe. I swear I did everything I could to help you, to take away your pain, to make you comfortable. In the end your pain just defeated me. I’m so sorry. I lost the most difficult fight. There isn’t a moment where I don’t think of you. I miss you so much handsome. You always were the sunshine to my storm. Me and icee can feel the difference in the energy of our home. It’s empty, like my soul. Today I took icee on a walk and I saw other people walking their dogs. In the back of my mind I was thinking “why do they get to be with their dogs and I can’t be with mine?” I catch myself looking up at the sky more often, hoping you are looking back down on me. I would give anything to have you back in my arms. Everyone misses you papas. Making the decision to free you from your pain was the hardest, most selfless thing I ever had to do in my life. I pray you are running around up there pain free and bathing in the sun just how you loved to. Never in my life will I ever meet such a perfect pure soul like you. The days are starting to get better, but the nights are the hardest. Getting ready for bed without you just kills me. Please don’t stop coming to me in my dreams. I love you so much Krypto, more than anything...
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I had one sweet dream. It ended before the daily fluids were about to invade, right before, but it was in my head in my dream. I’m thankful it ended. Maybe more will come later, undistracted.
I’m glad you’re having good times at night.remember them during the day along with all the sweet, silly loving times you’ve shared. I believe those are their thoughts of us
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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