I made that dreaded phone call to the vet yesterday knowing it was time to let my sweet Pookie go and be with her daddy. She was 19 and had been ill with IBD that eventually became lymphoma within the last 4 months. I did everything I could in regards to giving her meds, changing her diet multiple times but most importantly giving her lots of love which was the easiest part.  Last night was the first night she wasn't lying next to me (she loved to spoon) and I cried all night....still crying as I type this. During the last week as I cried knowing the time had come (she had become so thin), she would gently put her paw on my cheek and lick my nose. She was consoling ME as if to say it's OK. She loved to be kissed on the top of her head and was a very affectionate cat. She would follow me everywhere in the house, wait by the door when I went out and let me know when to get up and when to go to bed...or rather when SHE wanted to go to bed! I was with her in the end as I have been with my other cats and it never gets any easier. It just rips a piece of your heart out every time. My vet let me leave by the back door so I wouldn't have to go through the main lobby. I was a mess. Even though I know it was the right thing to do I still had doubts at the vets thinking I might have more time with her as she walked around the floor. My vet reassured me it was the right decision and I knew in my heart it was.

It took me a long time to get another cat after I lost my dear Scuzzy at the age of 23. My neighbor moved and left her cat behind and of course we took her in and never regretted it. When I finally agreed to look at getting another cat, we visited the Humane Society three times in two weeks and I was always drawn to Pookie. It was meant to be and even though I'm grieving now I don't regret one moment of having her in my life. She was a very special, one of a kind cat and I miss her terribly. As I cry looking at her empty bed I know she is no longer suffering even though she tried not to show it most of the time.

You took a piece of my heart with you yesterday Pookie and I will always love you and grieve your loss.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your special girl Pookie. You gave her a wonderful life, and your heart told you when the best thing you could do for her was to let her go. I said goodbye to my best friend Mucha 6 weeks ago, and my heart still feels like it is missing a piece also. 

Wishing you peace,
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Thank You MuchasMom. I'm so sorry about your dear Mucha. Yes, our pets give us so much love and joy that it is a long grieving process.

Wishing you peace also and sending hugs

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Your Pookie reminds me A LOT of my cat.  He loves to snuggle and always stretches his little feet out onto my cheek at night. Like you I adopted mine and I was just instantly drawn to him.  Although I am here because I lost my dog I can really relate to just how painful it is to lose that friend and snuggle companion.  Having to make that call to the vet really rips at a persons heart.  When I did it for my dog it really hit me hard.  I knew deep down it was the right choice but I didn't want to believe it.  I still don't know how I made the drive to actually follow through with everything.  I had a lot of what ifs like you do right now.  My vet reassured me as well and I knew it was the right choice. I think when it comes to a loved one you never want to believe its time for them to say goodbye.  Someone on here told me that its better to do it a day early then a day late.  I think that's painful but true.  My dog became paralyzed and although her eyes seemed happy I knew her quality of life wasn't.  Like you though I wouldn't change anything! We had a great few years together(6).  Try and focus back on the happier times and just remember how important you were to each other.  What helped me was doing this to honor and remember my girl.  Maybe you can find something special to do as well.  For us it was donating to a Basset Hound Rescue to a dog that was identical to mine.  We also turned on a fake candle at night.  Little things like this can help at least they did for me.  Just remember its ok to be sad and miss your Pookie.  Some people think you should be over it after a day or two but its not that easy.  My girl has been gone 4 months now and I have better days but I still miss her more then anything else.  Everyone here knows how it feels and they are all here for you. 
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So sorry to hear of the loss of your Pookie. I know the pain, as I just recently lost my Serena on 1/13/15, and I lost my darling FatCat on 9/25/13. I know that phone call is never easy to make, and I now know the internal struggle of not knowing if you made the right choice. Goodbye is so hard in and of itself, and to have to decide when it is time to say goodbye is worse yet no amount of reassurance will erase the doubts of whether you are making the right choice or not. I was also with my Serena until the end, and I knew it was time to let her go, as much as I didn't want to. They have a way, in their eyes, of letting us know that it is okay, and that they understand.

I know in my heart that Serena is at Rainbow Bridge, and her personality was always so social and outgoing. I am sure that she was there to greet your Pookie, and that they are young, healthy, and having a blast being the "new kids on the block." And I am sure that FatCat has scoped out the most comfortable, sunny nap spots to share with your Pookie.

Praying that your tears turn to smiles as your memories become cherished and unfading. Please feel free to reach out, we are all here for the same reasons and can all provide a shoulder to lean on in this tough time.


Itty Bitty "Fat Cat" 
<3 1998 - 9.25.13
Serena <3 4.13.02 - 1.13.15

You can visit Serena's Rainbow Residency here
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I am so very sorry for your loss. I know what it's like to see empty spaces that they used to lay in. It's good though that she loved a long, happy life and I think you made the right decision. My prayers are going out to you and Pookie.

~I love you eternally, McCartney boy~

You can visit my kitty McCartney's Rainbow Bridge Memorial here: http://www.rainbowbridge.com/residents/MCCAR001/Resident.htm

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Thank you for your replies, support and comforting words. It's been a rough day filled with tears, doubts and fond memories.

patent123 - if Pookie reminds you of your sweet cat, you are very blessed as I was. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your dog.

Liz - I'm so sorry about Serena. She was a beautiful dog. Pookie loved taking naps in the sun so I'm glad to hear FatCat would find a good spot!

Julia - I visited McCartney's Memorial and it's beautiful! I could see how much he was loved and I'm so sorry for your loss.

Sending Hugs and Prayers to everyone.

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So sorry for your loss.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss
It is incredibly hard to have to make the decision to let them go ,
You were very fortunate to share your life with her, cherish the memories. , remember love and the bond you share never dies
I lost my darling boy 12 weeks ago come Tuesday and sometimes it stil hits me that it can't be possible that he's gone. But I am trying to keep my energy positive

Please take care and feel free to reach out, you are not alone

Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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