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Marley Mom, We just lost our Beagle, Chino on 12/13/13. I got the call last night from the vet with his results and he tested positive for 6 of 7 strands of lepto. He went to the Clinic the early evening of 12/11/13 and was sent immediately to the ER. He went back and forth to the ER and the clinic for day time care and the ER for overnight care until Friday morning. Chino was jaundice, his liver enzymes were 3800 (300 is high) his liver was enlarged, his gall bladder enlarged and full of sludge, enlarged prostate with black spots all over it (not caused by Lepto) and putting pressure on his bladder so he couldnt pee out the bilirubin and if he cant pee, that can lead to kidney problems.  We paid for xrays, ultrasounds, labs, round the clock care, iv's, and had an appointment to take him to Madison, Wisconsin on the 16th for further testing. On the 13th when we got to the Clinic for his daytime care is when they realized he wasnt getting better and thought we needed to get him to Madison that night and go the ER route to get him admitted but then there was no guarantee that he would be stable enough for surgery to get the gall bladder out if thats what was needed, and the ER doc already told me that 9 out of 10 dogs do worse after having a prostate removed. So would he had made it to Madison an hour away? Would he had been stable enough for surgery let alone survive it and possibly two surgerys? Would his quality of life been the same as before the lepto? And would he get lucky and not have permanent organ damage? Probably not on all counts. We spent close to and maybe over $1500 and we still had to put our baby at peace. So sometimes it doesn't matter how much money you have. You cant buy Gods will. I asked Chino to forgive me, and I apologized so many times to him out loud while I cried to him. My husband felt the same. I felt like the worst dog owner ever, I felt like I failed him. Like it was my fault. Should we have taken him in sooner? Should we have noticed sooner? Its not even been a week and my husband and I cry  off and on here and there, I dont think it will stop. Our Doberman is grieving as well. We are taking him for testing today, and we are all in the family getting tested, since we all handled Chino while he was sick, kids too.   So try to think that you exchanged Marleys pain for yours. You took on Marleys pain so Marley can be at peace. You are a good Mama! Our Fur Babies will always love us and we will always love them.  PS... I have no idea why my pictures are ginormous. lol

Bobbi W.
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