Park.jpeg  Park rock .jpeg  So we decided to put Marleys ashes in a wooden Dashund we purchased on vacation and tomorrow we have an appointment with the wood worker to have him complete the work, so I thought I would take Marley and carry her and walk one last time through the big park which she loved so very much to stroll through. We stopped at all her favorite places and sat on a couple park benches while I talked to her about all the wonderful memories we have had there together over the years and I notice an odd Little Rock on the bench so I leaned in closer and it said Always Keep Your Sunny Side Up .... I patted her Gently and said is this from you pumpkin ❤️ I’m hoping she was there with in spirit with me. I love you so very much and you will be with me forever and always- Love Mom
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Looking out my back yard today after my final walk with Marley after supper Tonight 
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That rainbow says it all. xx 
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Ellen Hague
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