Today we set our darling Lady forever free at the beach.

Was very emotional, everyone cried.

We took half her ashes to her favourite spot and my sister read a wonderful poem her and my grandmother wrote as the gentle breeze and tide carried her ashes away.
Here is the poem:

The time has come our dear old girl for you to be set free along the sandy beaches where you loved to run so free.

We’ll miss those days when we would call “Hey Lady, get them birds” and watch you chase them to the shore with boundless energy.

We saved you from a fate unknown when you was very young. God knew that you belonged with us, and when we took you home you gave us unconditionally your faithfulness and love.

We couldn’t keep you anymore, your brave heart kept on beating but we knew God was waiting for his brave girl to return.

If there was just one gift on earth we wouldn’t hesitate to take you home just one more time and stroke your gentle face.

Those feathered feet and waggy tail will never be forgotten, you were our guardian angel girl forever now at rest.

Set forever free at the beach on the 23rd May 2010

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Sounds like a beautiful thing that you did.  It also sounds like Lady had a wonderful life with a wonderful family.  I am sorry for your loss.
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