Hi all
My boy Max is a 5 year old Rottweiler he was diagnosed in January with osteosarcoma in his skull, he has two large bone lumps on the front of he’s head and constantly licks as his nose runs all the time. he has been doing okay, last week I noticed that he’s eye was watering and that the white of his eye is bloodshot. He can’t lay on that side as it must been bothering him, the vet said that there is nothing they can do as this so advanced and no treatment can be done as it’s in the skull, he is on pain meds.
I don’t want to rush to making a choice to euthanasia him, how do I know when it’s time am I been selfish??
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I’m so very sorry that your wonderful Max is so ill! It’s devastating I know from experience.

There is an expression I’ll share with you. “Better a week early than a day too late.” Pets hide their pain so if you’re seeing all of these signs your Max may be really suffering. Cancer is so painful and hard to control even with pain meds. If he’s not laying on his side then he is most likely still in pain despite the medication.

I’m so sorry my dear. I wish I could say something different but I think you want the truth so you won’t look back and have regrets.

It’s so good that you found this forum where people will understand and be happy to support you. Please keep us updated.

All my best wishes for you and for Max!

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