We had a stray cat come up and she had kittens.  We had mom spayed and found homes for all but one kitten who we called Kitty Tom.  After much debate, my husband said we could keep him (I think he had gotten as attached as myself to him).  We are both allergic to cats and cats do give me asthma so they are outdoor cats.  We can touch them and play with them as long as we immediately wash our hands and don't get them in our faces. We live in the country way off the road and the two cats never left the immediate area.  We got Kitty Tom neutered on Tuesday (two days ago) and today he is gone.  Momma cat is here but he is missing.  He NEVER roamed from the house so we can only assume that a coyote or something has gotten him. I feel so, so very sad.  He was only four months old and so trusting.  I feel like my heart is breaking to think about something causing him pain.  It makes you feel like why care about will only get taken away from you.  He became missing 7 years to the date after my mom passed away...a bad date in history, 9/11.  Thanks for listening.
Bonnie Rollins
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Bonnie I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  Sometimes even when we try our best we cannot protect our babies as well as we would like to.  You are in my thoughts.
Robin Adrian "Little Bear"s Mom
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