Hello all,
My cat Gremlin has had Asthma for a few months now and things are not getting any better. So they want me to start he on an inhaler tried to give it to her last night at this morning but she will not hold still. I am wondering if anyone has any tips to get her to hold still long enough to do this her breathing sounds just aweful and I know this would help if I could get her to hold still?
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Sorry to hear they are unwell,have you tried using an aerochamber or volumatic?these are used with asthmatic babies and small children.You spray the correct amount of puffs into the chamber and then hold the mask over there nose and mouth and then they breathe the medication in that way.Could they not give you tablets to control the illness rather than a inhaler?x

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i have found that sitting on the floor with the little furbaby inbetween your legs, facing away from you works. if you stroke them and give them fuss and have the inhaler near you. place your right arm alongside its body and tighten your legs slightly this makes it easier to hold them. being firm and quick and authoritive can sometimes feel like your being mean, but if you give alot of praise before and after theyl soon get into the swing of it. hammy123's suggestion of a aerochamber sounds good though, maybe have a chat with the vet and see what they have to say? hope this helps a little and things get easier. xx
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