Two days ago I found out my 15 week old kitten has FIP. Now that he’s gone I am blindsided by the amount of grief, as I have not had him for that long. His room where he stayed feels so empty now. I keep thinking what if I did this or that differently and did I make the right decision? My other cat is confused and meowing, which only makes this harder. Any tips to help get through this are appreciated.
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I’m so sorry Natalie. Your little kitty was never even an adult, that’s so sad. It really doesn’t matter the amount of time we have them when Love is there so is grief, and it’s insanely painful. I’d love to give you advise, show you in words the way to lessen the pain but there aren’t any. You will cry like never before, your thoughts will be consumed with longing. It has to be gone through on your own terms.
Your other kitty needs lots of extra loving
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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