On Jan 23, 2015. My boy King transitioned. I wasn't prepared. It has left me perplexed. And I'm absolutely on a emotional rollercoaster, wishing it was a dream that I could awaken from. King became a very special edition to my family via my oldest daughter Lex. Whom suffers from BPD. King as a pup resided with her friend, Alexia and an whole heap of others including children. In an overcrowded deplorable apartment.

For approximately 1 1/2 yrs. until the original owner got pregnant and no longer wanted King. My daughter Alexia set me up through her younger siblings to take King in. However, she forewarned me he looked a mess. So, I requested that she send me a pic. There was something about his eyes that said don't let ME suffer, be harmed or/ and abandoned.

When King arrived that evening in the Spring time he was a mess, matted, tail had been broken etc. I had already purchased shampoo, food etc. During my lunch hour at work in Tribeca. So, Alexia cleaned him up, trimming a bit to. Until the weekend so I could get his shots and take him to the groomer. The following morning I had taken King out for a walk before work. And left him in the house alone. Upon, the return of my other daughters from school.

King had moled a hole out of the front screen window and got out the house. My daughter's called crying, searching for King and I left work early. Informing Alexia perhaps King wasn't meant to be with us. And didn't like our home. Welp, King had been recovered by a neighbor and was returned my girls were ecstatic. It turns out King had walked the same route I believe looking for me. He ran to us and we were so happy he was recovered. It turns out he suffered from "Separation Anxiety". Once the weekend came and he got his shots etc. He was so adorable, lovable, smart, cuddly, great. Thus, don't leave him alone he would tear the house up.

So, we had to crate him in the basement upon our departure. My boy was something special he loved children. My grand daughter Dreame was born with hydrocephalus fluid on her brain and I she was, placed in my physical custody for 2 1/2 yrs. King would jump up on the side of my bed. To let me know the baby was crying. He was great with Dreame now 5 yrs old a living miracle. Then her brother D'Vaule a premie came along.

After, all of this I became diagnosed with fibromyalgia and sciatica nerve back pain. Causing me be unable to walk King like I used to so he would go out in the backyard. As children move out and get lives. It was the King and I. When Dreame comes over she always called King her pet. She cries and tries to encourage me. Who would think 1 night of King crying would result in him having urethra stones, 1 operation would discover a mass in his prostate. That according to the doctor it appeared to be malignant. The stones were removed he was supposed to come home.

Even after we went to visit him and he wasn't eating and he wasn't responding. Than I was told the next day King wasn't doing well he was still in a lot of pain. And that they applied for another grant to cover the expenses for additional time. Later, that day a his kidney levels in his blood was elevated. The ultrasound was conducted to discover that urine was backing up in his bladder. Emergency surgery was necessary.

At the beginning of the surgery the doctor called to inform me that there was, a hole in his uretha and they couldnt get to it. And she was recommending that King be euthanized. The decision hit me like a ton of bricks. I agreed he was already under the anethesia.

Frankly, just imagining him suffering. The arrangements to have him personally cremated and purchasing an urn for my boy was difficult to do. Thus, it gave me relief to have some kind of dignity for my boy. On February 15th. A memorial service is planned for King.

Through it all I'm still baffled about the entire situation. On my decision for King. I miss my boy so much. No more, greeter at the dog, snuggle, belly rubbing, jumping, excitement, company, and unconditional love. I didn't know there was no time for farewell. For at least 6 yrs. King experienced the best time of his life. I'm so lonely and heartbroken. On this emotional roller coaster.

Love you always my boy,
Mom ♡♡♡
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What a beautiful boy and what a lovely life he had with you. I can tell how special he was to you. So sorry for your loss and the speed with which it all happened. x
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Thank you so much! CarerQuie this is a very difficult time. I have to get to the point of all the fond memories. We had such a blast during the holidays with the grands, family and friends.

I forever love my boy "King"

In addition, my deepest sympathy and condolences to your furbaby too.

I am truly grateful for this site.

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