Milo died on Friday night. There was no way to save him at that point, but had I taken him in sooner he would have made it. How do I live with myself? I ignored the signs. I am a monster. I want my kitten back. He was about to turn six. cats.jpg
Missing Milo
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My girl passed from CKD. She was about 16, your cat was pretty young. I still have the same feelings, I should've or could've, done more. But in the end, it is not curable and only gets worse. I regret deciding to put my girl down but she was starting to go downhill and I didn't want to wait until it got bad. Like seizures, heart failure, comas,.....waiting that long is cruel and selfish. Although I'm still feeling guilty and hate myself, I Would have hated myself a lot more if she wasn't herself
"Life is like a book. Some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting. But if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you."
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My persian Oliver died of stage 4 kidney failure alittle over a year ago. He had it before when he was 3 but he bounced back with the meds,food and iv solution. But last March a week before he died he quit eating unless it was blueberry yogurt or chicken. He was hiding and when he tried to lay beside me hhe couldn't get comfortable.
I took him tyo the vet and the bloodwork was bad. She said she could treat him but I would only buy him a day,week or a month. My heart was crushed. I let him go 2 days later... my heart is still broken and I miss him so much.
What we do we do out of love not our selfishness in letting them suffer. Oliver loved me and I felt his love after he passed. There is no timelife for the greiving process. I will greive for him until he is in my arms again. He was mommys baby
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It is so hard. My orange baby also passed away (vet said he could be part Persian) from Polycystic kidney disease at the age of 7. I miss him dearly but I did everything I could have, the only thing we didn't do was kidney transplant, we did talk to a specialist about it but it wasn't feasible, it costs about $25k (without complications and can be more) and they only live for another 1-3 years after, it sucks but knows that it was a terminal illness and nothing we can done to have them live for many years to come. Hugs to you. Capture.JPG 
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