Hi all. Never posted on here but I just wanted to see if anyone else has been through something similar and how you coped? My husband and I took our 15 month old dog to be spayed last week and she didn't seem to recover as we expected (lost appetite, very lethargic and down). We took her back to the vet to be checked and they gave her some more painkiller. She collapsed that night and we took her to an emergency vet who said that she potentially had kidney failure, and that she would have died if she had not been brought in. We took her to a referral centre the day after at the recommendation of our vet. They said that she potentially had a disorder called Addingtons disease, which can be treated and had a good prognosis. After getting the results back from that test today, it turns out that she likely has an acute kidney disorder. Unless her blood results get better in the next day, it is not irreversible and the best option for her will be euthanasia as she won't survive without being on an IV drip constantly. I am really struggling with this as the outlook isn't very good, and we most likely face putting down our puppy within the next few days. How do you cope with such awful circumstances and the loss of such a young dog?
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Zell  I would try everything possible before you make your decision.  Wait and see if her blood results get any better.  I am truly sorry to hear this for such a young, beautiful puppy.  My only advice, is to exhaust every option you have.  She is so young.  Good Luck to you.  Please let us know of her progress.  Love Sue
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Dear Zell,

So sorry about your dilemma. To be honest, if it was my dog and if constant iv drip was needed then I'd seriously be looking at euthanasia. Reasons? Dogs don't think about yesterday or tomorrow -only the here and now. What life would your dog have? You also need to consider the financial implecations of treatments and how realistic are the potential outcomes?
6 weeks ago we made the very difficult decision to have our 13 very old boy, Spike, euthanized. He was old and his quality of life was poor. It would have been easier to let him carry on but this would have been very selfish. The pain of him not being here has been unbearable at times but it is slowly improving and the doubts, the guilt and the grief are very slowly being replaced by acceptance and resssurance that we did the right thing, all things considered.
I sincerely hope this is of use.

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Dear zell .
I am sorry you are going through this. I had to put my 7 and a half year old wheaten terrier down due to renal failure on feb 18th. She was diagnosed with PLN in June 2014. Which meant she was loosing protein and her kidneys would not work correctly. It is progressive. She had a diet change. Then was on many pills and finally sub q fluids daily. Then nothing worked. Her blood work showed that her toxin levels rose. She was anemic, dehydrated, collecting fluid in her lungs. .Her kidneys had completely shut down. Talk with your vet. Your dog is young but kidney disease/ failure is very serious. I don't believe a life of an IV drip daily is something that would signify a happy life. This is just my opinion as I have gone through it. I made many mistakes. The sub q fluids I gave her were for about 3 months. Research alittle about what the kidneys do. They do just about everything. This way you can make an informed decision . I am wishing you peace and sending you hugs. If you feel like you want to ask me any questions please do.
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had a 10-year-old Pekingese who was always healthy & he suddenly was diagnosed with kidney failure.  I spent $3,000 over a 3 month period along with daily sub Q fluids & the day I knew he was suffering was the day he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

I did a lot research about kidney failure and apparently dogs do not survive as well as cats with this disease.

It's one of those horrible situations you are faced with making a decision.  I'm sure you will know when the time is right.

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