My girl Hershey was diagnosed with acute kidney disease. My vet told me to bring her back Monday to put her down. I'm so lost. I feel numb. I don't know how I'm going to move on. I'm so scared. She's 4...we were supposed to have at least ten more years. I just want to go be with her when she goes. I don't want to be without her.
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Aawww I lost my beautiful black kitty Raven to that horrible disease. I'm so very sorry that you're going through this right now. Spend as much time with her as you can. I wrote a letter to Raven and read it out loud to her, told her all the things I wanted her to hear. Your baby is so young though! It's just unfair.
Let us all know what's going on and how you're doing. Come here as often as you like. Everyone here understands how lost we are without our babies.
Blessings and peace to you,
Marie and the crew 🐱🐌🐊
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sorry to hear that :( 
I love animals
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