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I have kept all of my Little's things.  Except for his bed - that went with him to Rainbow Bridge.  His memorial things are on top of his stove heater.  We will eventually move them downstairs to be with Batman's things.  We kept his "baby" - a furry spider looking thing that he slept with sometimes and we sometimes put on his head to take silly pictures. I have his blanket that he slept on.  There is still a box on the dresser that has his things in it -a little bag of food, etc.  We light his candle every night.  I have some battery candles that I usually keep burning for him.  I have his fur that was clipped from his arm and a whisker in a bag with his box.  They're just things that I would gladly trade just to have him back.  But it's all I have left of him (except the memories) and I wouldn't take anything for them!

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We kept the boys collars, and their bandanas they were wearing when we took them in for that last time. Kathy also found a couple of tufts of hair from each, and put those, along with a small snip of their bandanas into a clear glass ornament that we'll put on the tree when the holidays come around.
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