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It's been nearly 3 months now and this weekend just past found me crying, no Bawling so furiously that I almost couldn't catch my breath.  Calling for my Katy.  I just feel it in my heart that she's lost and looking for me and I just want to get to where she is. 

Hubby got so upset that he kept telling me "she's dead.  she's gone.  she's not looking for you" because I think my grief scared him.  It scared me too.  I KNOW she's gone - but I feel like she's looking for me desperately and that I'm hurting her & letting her down by NOT being there for her. 

At every loss in my past (& there have been many) I've been able to move past this stage within 6 weeks.  This feeling is not abating - it's growing stronger daily.    I need to be with my Katy because she need me. 
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K-9 Mom I am sorry for your loss!  I can tell how much you love your Katy from your writing.  I can really identify with the bond you describe between yourself and Katy, it was that way for me and my Missy too.  Missy loved all the members of our family, but I was the one she adored the most.  It sounds like it was like that for you and Katy too, and what a blessing that is!
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