My precious Kahlua, died Tuesday, February 13, 2018. He was a tan and white Lhasa Apso and my constant companion. I am retired, so we spent almost every day together. I have been crying ever since Compassionate Heart came to my home to help him transition this past Tuesday. I seemed to be falling deeper into a depression, so decided to Google pet support groups and I discovered Rainbows Bridge.
I have reading many of the messages and they have helped me. Just knowing that everyone is feeling the same emotions....crying, lethargic, not sleeping, not eating, feeling depressed, etc. made me realize that I am not alone.
I loved Kahlua so much, but in the last two days of his life, he was having difficulty breathing, he was coughing, and he would just collapse. He had been diagnosed with a heart murmur and he was experiencing kidney problems, so he had to suppress his embarrassment when he began wearing diapers. For the last year and a half, he had been seeing a wonderful holistic veterinarian. He was prescribed certain supplements and a pre-cooked diet and was doing so much better. He was 15 1/2.
I knew and know that I was doing the right thing for him. He was in a semi conscious state, I believe, before he was transitioned, but it is so hard to deal with this loss. I think I hear him. I look at his pictures and the videos of him and there are reminders of him everywhere.
I feel sorry for all of us who are grieving. I'm going to continue with this forum, for my emotions are so raw.
Thank you for your messages.

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My Peaches, the love of my life, passed away in my arms 33 days ago. I have her ashes surrounded by her toys. I talk to her everyday.
Something that has helped me is listening to our song, " I Will See You Again" by Carrie Underwood. 
I will see you again
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me
'Til I see you again
The part " This is not where it ends" sends a warm feeling over me. She was very sick having fought congested heart disease for over 10 months. I WILL see my love again
and I know she would want me to carry on. It still hurts. I break down talking about her but she will be back in my arms, healthy and happy, someday.

She can NEVER be replaced. Her paw prints are all over my heart. I will carry her with me till I die. So, If you believe as I do, we will have our loves back with us someday.
Find the song and listen to it. It really helps me. 
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I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. It is very difficult when they’ve been a part of our lives for so long. I’m glad you were able to enjoy 15 1/2 years with him. Hang in there and know we all here understand your feelings.
—Loving Riley, Rosy & Axl always 🐾

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You are definitely not alone! My Fat Luey passed unexpectedly yesterday and I keep looking for him in the yard when it’s time to come in or thinking I hear his barks. I’m so sorry for your loss but love that you had 15+ years! Even then, I know it’s not enough. 💔
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They aren't with us long enough. But the fact that Kahlua lived to be 15-1/2 years is a testament to what a good life you provided him with.

Your world is completely rocked since he was your constant companion, especially since you are retired. We all know the excruciating pain you are feeling. However, nothing prepares you for it.

You found this forum the same way I did. In the deep depths of despair and depression, it has helped me immensely. Especially when I thought I was going crazy from seemingly not being able to get over the grief and move on. I never knew my well of tears was so deep.

I wish you peace at this very difficult time. Continue to post. While you no longer you have your beloved Kahlua, you are not alone in your mourning.
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I am very sorry for your loss. Just like you, I have been with my beloved Max around the clock, every day and night for almost 13 years and I loved it. I never realized how much I had built my life around Max so his loss weighs accordingly. Reading your post I can feel how much you loved and cared for Kahlua. He lived a very long and beautiful life with you always by his side.
Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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I am sorry for your very deep loss. I am glad however, you found this wonderful online group as I did! It helps to know others feel the same way about our family members. I had the same, if not worse, pain when my Scooter passed away, as when my parents passed. I loved all of them deeply...but the pets, they are with us every day and part of our every day routines. So my dog seemed to leave a bigger hole...at least it seems that way now.

Sending you hugs,
Missing and loving Scooter Forever
- Melissa
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