I feel like my dog and I had the same soul and now that she's gone my soul has died too am I the only one who feels like this?
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So very sorry for your loss.  That is a great way of explaining it - yes, I know exactly how you feel. 💔 Sending comfort your way in this most difficult time and days ahead...
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You are not alone. It sounds like your dog was your "Spirit Animal." That is how strong your connection was to her. Many of us feel the same way. 

I am very sorry to read of your loss but glad that you knew such a great love and that your pup no doubt knew and appreciated the great connection you had together during her life.

My sincerest condolences,
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I am so sorry. My kind thoughts to you.

I feel the same. It's years since my dog left this world. I have adapted but always feel like a big chunk of my Soul went with her. At first it was indescribable. Like two halves of the same being that couldn't possibly be separated.
I still feel the same but not as strangely as I did at first; like I was no longer of this world at all. I didn't scream or make much noise. The world went silent, and I walked about it like a ghost.

I think something in us does follow them out -goes with them.
Then somewhere between the Worlds, that thing lights up with eternal Love, and returns to us somehow, changes us, makes us cry but makes us MORE soulful. Though we will always miss them in this world, there is no doubt about that -even as the years pass.

Yes there is a huge chunk of my Soul halfway between this Earth, and her. If I dwell on that, and bring it through into my life, I can feel quite at peace with our love sometimes and can often sense her state of being which is so beautiful. If I dwell on this earthly state only, I can feel quite hollow, lost and alone.

Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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Oh, I understand so very well how you feel! I had to put my beautiful border collie to sleep 4 weeks ago and it really feels like I lost part of my soul. Life seems so dark without her. I cannot beliehe that she is gone and will never come back.
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I feel the exact same way. Every time I look at photos and videos of him, I feel like he belongs with me and he needs to come back home.
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CHendrickson - No, you are not alone.  There are hundreds of people who have lost beloved pets who feel the same way you do. 
My beloved little Charly was a child to me for 9 happy years, a part of me.  You love a pet for years and they become part of your life, and then they are gone forever.
The most painful act is having them euthanized to prevent further suffering, because their illness is incurable.
Charly has been dead for 3 months now and I still feel sad and heartbroken.  The house is so silent and empty without him.  We must accept death as a part of life, because nothing can live forever.  But the heartbreak clings, and will ease over time.  I know exactly how you feel.  All the best. 
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