It has been one year since Max died and every day I think about him. It is so painful and so awful. I don't know how to live with this deep pain. 
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Today, we just said goodbye to our sweetie cat, Tigger.  We lost another one of our fur babies 8 months ago.  Seems like we can't get over the grief of losing one before we lose another...  
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Hi, I`m so sorry for your loss, and even though its been a year for you it can still be very difficult.  Having lost my little dog 2 years ago, there are still times when its hard to believe he`s no longer here.  Personally, I think its more like learning to live with the loss - and I know that sounds easy, but I do look back and am just so grateful that he came into our life, and shared so many happy times with us.    Sometimes the "anniversaries " bring all the grief back too, and that feeling of them going further and further into our past - but for me I think they always live on in our heart - even coming here to this wonderful forum helps to keep their memory alive.  Take care.

J Taylor
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I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Max, and I am glad you're here and found this forum. I lost my Norm on November 10th, 2017, and being here, talking with others who understand, has really helped. As Jackie said above, it is more about learning to live with the loss and the emptiness and it's okay to not be okay. We were so lucky to have them in our lives and that is exactly why it hurts so much. Anyway, I'm really glad you're here, and I am wishing you peace and healing during this very sad time for you. 

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My heart goes out to you on this one year anniversary of your loss. I lost my dog recently and sometimes it feels like I am drowning. Take Care and my deepest sympathy.
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I'm so sorry that you are still feeling so bad over the loss of your beloved Max. Many of us have as strong or even stronger bonds and feelings to our magnificent creatures than we do with some of the people in our lives. I've cried every day for 4 1/2 months over the loss of my Mickey, and I don't expect to feel that way over the loss of any person in my life. Probably because their love for us is so pure, they seem like gentle babies that never grow up, even if they do grow old, and because all they do is show us love and loyalty.

I've found that reading about grief (might try "The Year of Magical Thinking") has helped me, so has reaching out to others in pain on this site. You will never forget Max, and his memory will bring a tear to your eye long into the future. But as hard as it is, you will eventually adjust to life without his physical presence - and it sounds like you have lots of love and patience for another furry creature when the time is right. His life and loss will make you more sensitive to the pain of others, you will be better able to there and stronger for them when they are hurting and in their time of need. That will be one of Max's legacies - I'm so sorry you are hurting, and hope more peace comes to you soon.

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I just went through my one year anniversary of my loss of China. It was far more difficult than I had imagined, it just stirred up a load of emotions, sadness, and as Jackie said: "and that feeling of them going further and further into our past". That comment hit home for me. Passing that one year mark made me feel like I was leaving them farther behind, but that is only because my love has not diminished one iota. I love them as much today as I ever did. I believe it will always be that way, and we just have to learn how to live with the loss but yet be able to move through our lives, the daily things. I know how hard it is, there are so many days when the grief just pours back into our minds and hearts. I try to think about what a wonderful life they had, how much they loved me, and that I shared this unbelievable bond with them. They will be with me forever until I see them again. This forum and the beautiful people here helped me more than anything else. I don't even have the words to explain what this love, the bond is like, it is so special, so precious. I pray for peace for and blessings.
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I sorry for your lost cats and dog I lost my beloved pet dog Darcy she did on 24 August 2013 really miss my little lamb tail ever 24 August I put flower in garden and called Darcy garden I miss her but I adopt two cats Sydnee and Annbel and adopt at age of 7 years old but there be 10 on 12 March and can see them ages to old cats but going give them best life as possible only sad things I had give up my flat because Private Ruel won't let have another pet if you put pet down so give up my flat and move to my cats called Sydnee and Annbel and to me all pets had re-home and adopt feel as part of the family.
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