As I've said earlier,  the pain kind-of subsides and the fond memories return when acceptance starts to resolve,  but Pootie Paws caught me off guard this morning while in the middle of wakefulness and sleep. 
I thought I heard her crying for me this morning just before getting up. 
It's been over 3 months.
It didn't bother me too much in the morning because I'm busy preparing for work,  but at the end of the work day,  I let myself take the image in and mourn.
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Yes, the phase of grief in between total agony and acceptance is a really odd place to be. The only real consolation, as you said, is that wherever they are, at least they aren't suffering. And thank you for letting yourself mourn.

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Aww. The nights are hard as the sun sets for me, especially. (((Hugs))) 
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