Hi all,
I have been reading and replying on some of these for a few days now, but needed some time before I could post myself. I am really struggling from our family losing our baby boy Guinness...
We rescued 3 german shepherd puppies almost two years ago from a bad situation. They have become our world. I have 1 of them, my parents have the other 2. This past Saturday when I was home, we were all in the backyard when we noticed two of them were somehow outside of the gate. I called for them and my baby came back to me, but sweet Guinness ran up the side of the house... I sprinted to the front door. He saw a golf cart and began to chase it, as that's what we always picked him up on if he got loose. He thought it was us on that golf cart. He went to chase it to get on it, and ran head first into a car. I saw it about to happen but I couldn't do anything except for run to him screaming and crying his name for him to come back to me. He hit the car head on, and it was the most traumatic thing I have ever seen. I can't stop hearing the sound of him hitting the car... I can't stop seeing him run towards that car. I can't stop seeing my step dad crumble to the ground holding him. We rushed to the vet but he had a broken back, head injuries, and internal injuries. He would never be able to move again, and we put our not even 2 year old baby boy to sleep. 

Not only are we all grieving, but him and his litter-mate Harley have never been separated. So she is grieving too.

I can't stop thinking about the pain he was in and he didn't understand what was happening. He didn't understand why he was hurting so bad. One second he was so happy running, the next he was dying. He was so young and had such a long life in front of him. I can't stop doing the "if onlys"... if only we would have checked the gate, if only we realized they were outside the gate 2 seconds sooner... if only.

Everything hurts and no one understands. No one understands that it wasn't just a dog. I miss him so much but it's mostly that I can't stop thinking about the pain and agony he was in, and he didn't understand why he was dying. Please any advice is appreciated. I'm crumbling. 
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I understand believe me.  To me the worse  part of losing Luke was seeing the pain he was in and not being able to do anything about it. 
Janice L Cline
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I am in tears after reading your story. I am so, so, so very sorry for what happened. I'm not sure I can say anything that would help how you are feeling right now.

I will say that I understand that Guinness was not just a dog. He was your family member. I feel sad for people who have never loved an animal so much that they can't understand how one could be considered a real family member. How tragic it is to never experience that kind of love.

Guinness had you & the rest of your family to care for him when the accident happened. Some dogs never have that. They get hurt out there in the world all alone. We have all seen the aftermath of such accidents along the side of the road. Guinness had you to run to him, to call his name, to console him even in your own pain. He had your love, & sometimes that is all we are able to give & all anyone can ask for.

Although short, I know Guinness had a wonderful life. The fact that you are here on this site now assures me of that. Your family gave him all the love you have. We cannot plan for everything & we cannot protect everyone. I wish my dog Mouseford hadn't gotten cancer & hadn't had a sudden stroke. I hate it. I hate that life has to go on without him. I hate that I did not have the power to stop anything from taking him away. But I loved him with everything I had. I think about him every day, & cry every day, & it's been a little over two months.

I can't say anything to truly console you in your time of grieving. I only hope I haven't made it worse. I am deeply, truly sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you, your family, your dogs, & of course, with Guinness.
***Loving & missing my sweet Mouseford***
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I understand the depths of your grief too, unfortunately.  I lost my 8 month old Great Dane puppy suddenly in my arms from a heart arrhythmia that nobody saw coming.  He was fine one minute, setting down on the couch to take his afternoon nap and the next minute, he howled/moaned and was gone by the time I rushed to his side.  I didn't understand what was happening!  He was JUST FINE.  We JUST played outside.  We JUST watched TV together.  He was only 8 months old and had years left, right??????  

I feel like we've been robbed.  Robbed of memories, of activities, of a life together.  Why do some people get to mistreat and abuse dogs while the dogs we LOVE and cherish die so young?  WHY?

It's been a week and 1 day now and I am so sad and angry.  I feel your pain, hun.  We all do here.  <3

*  Duncan the Dane - taken WAY too soon (7/27/17 - 3/28/18)
*  Missing Dudley the Newf (3/13/08 - 6/12/17)
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I understand - they are NEVER 'just animals' - they are children, family, compadres, confidants, etc.  So sorry for your loss, especially when he was so young and had so much life in front of him... :(


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Thank you all for the condolences. It helps knowing I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm just becoming more and more obsessed with wondering where he is right now. If he's in pain. If he knows how much we love him and that I wouldve jumped infront of that car for him if I couldve gotten there soon enough. This pain is unbearable. I can barely make it through the work days.

Also, his sister is becoming very depressed. My mom just texted me and said that she's just laying around all day (VERY unlike her... these dogs are all very high energy) and that she refuses to eat. I don't know what to do about her. I feel as though she needs a playmate but I can't even begin to think of the thought of a new dog.
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I seen you posted on my post thank you for that
I'm so deeply sorry about the tragic loss of your family dog Guinness, i cant imagine the feelings you are going though how traumatic to witness my heart breaks for you and your family.
The obsessing is the worst with so many different thoughts and what ifs it feels you will go crazy
I agree with mousefords- mom you were with Guinness after he was hit by the car and he knew how much you loved him he would of felt safe knowing yous were with him , i believe dogs have a real sense if security knowing that were with them as they trust us . Such a horrible way to go but nothing tgat you could stop unfountently, I'm sorry , .
I wish I could tell you something that would help but I don't think any words would as what your feeling is normal .
All I can say is I feel so bad for you and your family it must be terrible to of seen that I don't know how I'd cope.
Hugs to you i hope ive not said anything to upset you
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