That was the day I lost my beautiful baby Lulu. It does get easier in the way that the grief doesn't quite as much take your breath away. I have good days and bad days like today I still can't believe she's gone. I love her so much and would give anything to kiss her little nose again. Run free my baby run free until we meet again X
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Feeling ur loss... Tomorrow is 10 weeks without my Wiley.
The sadness is overwhelming still.

Praying for u,
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8 weeks for me losing Molly, my sweet cat - I don't come here often now. It is empty without her  and time makes it easier but it is still hard, and I grieve still every day, sometimes unexpectedly with a reminder or just seeing another cat. I miss her so much and it's just not the same without her, it remains a deep loss. Take good care.

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