It's only been one week since I put my best friend down and I still feel heart broken, lost and confused. When I came home after a night out with being at my friends house, I looked up at the window to see where she used to sit and would wait for me and it made me really miss her. When ever I came home she used to meow through the screen in the window and would follow me over to the door and wait for me to walk in. Once I would walk in she'd meow at me as if she was telling me all about her day and once she was done, she'd rub up against my legs wanting me to pick her up. I'd pick her up and pet her but she'd still meow at me, probably for being gone all morning and afternoon. And if I was having a bad day, she already knew and was always there to comfort me. She'd sit on my lap very quietly and would but her head against my hand or my face to pet her. And if I didn't pet her, she'd meow at me in this certain tone with a glare until I did.
Little moments like those make me miss her so much it hurts.
You were there for me for 10 years, and I can't thank you enough for showing me what unconditional love is like. I will always love you with all that I have Jankers.
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I'm in the same boat with you; it's also been one week since I let Mitzie go.  Right now things are very raw and seem hopeless, but since I have been through this before (unfortunately), I know it does get better.  I don't think about Bailey and cry anymore, in fact, I can remember her with a smile.  Right now that doesn't seem possible for us, but I know it will happen eventually.
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