The anniverary of your passing was on the 2nd but I just figured out how to post again.  I guess they changed stuff while I was away.  I am sorry my little sweet boy.  Your memory is still a source of great comfort to me.  Remember when you went to camp Bow Wow and you were declared a little camper.  That was just too cute.  You have your special place in my heart and I love you today as much as yesterday.  Say hello to brother Robert.  I love him too.  What a pretty boy he was.  A tuxedo they said. Boy has everything gone to #######. Pandemics and riots etc etc etc.  Things are just too strange.  I just sit and look at TV reports and wonder about it.  Ted and Lucy are doing well.  I have to say that you both were more healthy then they are.  They are not sick but allergies and yeast infections and dry eyes.  I doctor them all the time.  I think they were not as well cared for when they were babies.  I love you guys so much.  I miss you and wish you were here.  Keep a watch on us as we need you to be our angels.  Brother B is doing well and I am glad of that.

For one more day
I love you forever
until we meet again.  Mom
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